NE Philadelphia ? A car crash into an apartment in NE Philadelphia and it sent at least five adults and one infant to area hospitals.

After a call, emergency responders immediately arrived at the site of a serious vehicular accident following a car crashing inside an apartment in the NE area of Philly.

At least six people were injured including a baby after a car drove into an apartment building on Block 9900 block along Academy Rd.

Five adults and the infant sustaining injuries were transported to nearby area hospitals. After the mishap, residents of the building waited for Licensee and Inspections to evaluate the safety of the building before they went inside.

Presently, there was no news about the condition of the injuries, as well as cause of the crash which is being investigated by authorities.

Penchant for vehicles to crash into buildings often happens in Philly. Just last week, a car entered a small barn in Salisbury Twp Thursday morning.

According to police, the car was going north along Newport Ave. at about 7:15 oclock in the morning when it veered off the road and towards a small barn at No. 4893 Newport Ave. near the corner of Hensel Rd. and Rte. 772.

Fortunately, no person was injured.

Last July, a female driver crashed her vehicle inside the wall of a Community Kitchen in the East Side of the city; thereafter, the driver was charged for the damage and fleeing from the scene.

The driver was identified as Rasheda Grazier, age 34, residing in Block 500 in Duke St., who slammed her Dodge gold Caravan into a building in N. Plum St. building a little after noon. She caused moderate damages to the building.

City police officer, Mark Radmore said that after the woman crashed into the building, she immediately backed up and fled from the scene.

After a short search, Patrol officers quickly found her unoccupied vehicle parked in the Block 900 of South Duke St. Officer Eliud Tirado found Grazier at her residence last Thursday.

Grazier will be facing the following charges: (1) damages to unattended vehicle or property; and (2) 3rd degree misdemeanor. She will spent time in the court of District Judge John Winters.

Due to the trend of speeding or crashing cars bursting into buildings, a new law must be enacted requiring the construction of buffers in front of buildings. While these types of crashes are not formally recorded in the DOT, rescuers get a car versus building call at least every few weeks.

There are cars everywhere: in the streets, in the highways, into grocery stores, into gas stations, into homes, hospitals, nursing homes, even insurance companies. Such is the negative effect of technology.

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