This morning, ex- judge of traffic court Thomasine Tynes, accompanied by her lawyer, surrendered with on charged of corruption to the Office of the District Attorney.

In 2012, Tynes was retired as traffic court judge and later convicted early this year by the fed for perjury charge; although she was acquitted on charges of federal corruption. But she has still to face sentencing on that perjury charge.

This morning, the new charges stemmed after grand jury D.A.’s Office conducted investigation that began way back June after Kathleen Kane who is state attorney general declined to file charges against four state lawmakers and Tynes during the investigation of the state grand jury.

The new charges are related to a Tiffany bracelet worth two-thousand dollars.

D. A. Seth Williams announced that a news conference will be called today while Tynes attorney replies that he will address the charges in court.

Today, former Traffic Court judge of Philadelphia Thomasine Tynes waived her right to be heard in a preliminary charges corruption that started from a continuous pay-to-play investigation.

After the court proceeding today, her defense counsel stated that while stressing that his client gave a plea of not-guilty plea, there is always a chance for a non-trial disposition and this is something that he is going to explored. He is confident that the case can be resolved without harming Judge Tynes.

However, Prosecutor Mark Gilson replied that afterward it would no longer be proper to say anything on the importance of Tynes’ waiver and added that this gives a good message for people involved in the case to listen; to contact and cooperate with the district attorney’s office before it is too late.”

The evidence to be presented by Gilson includes 113 recordings of Tynes and others.

Although Tynes has still to face sentencing in a separate federal case; but she was already acquitted from ticket-fixing but got convicted of perjury about her conduct.

District attorney Seth Williams said that new charge versusTynes involved bribery in another corruption investigation.

It was alleged that she received a Tiffany bracelet (worth $2,000), in ;lieu of a promise for more benefits in the future, This exchange of favor was called by Williams the “pay-to-play culture” here in Philadelphia.

Tynes’ other charges was in the Traffic Court ticket-fixing case.  But she was acquitted from the ticket-fixing charges; however, convicted of lying to authorities on that case and is is awaiting sentencing in that case.

Pennsylvania attorney general Kathleen Kane initially turned down the present corruption case that resulted with some controversies.  Kane reasoned that the case was fatally defective in part because the chief witness in the case was not credible.

DA Williams believes that this will be a strong case above the credibility of the witness. There are audio tape and video tape of a conversation between Tynes and a businessman who agreed to be act as confidential government informant.

Williams promised this will be a continuous investigation and that there will be more charges. Tynes surrendered to authorities for processing.

Source: My Fox Philly Com

Source: Philadelphia CBS Local Com