An overnight crash involving a newspaper delivery truck along I-476 caused the death of a woman.

Pa. State Police reported that Amelia Caglia, age 22 and resident of Eagleville was driving her Toyota sedan northwards along Interstate 476 in the Twp. of Plymouth when she did a U-turn and continued driving south following the center lane northbound.

Along the way, she collided head-on with the box truck of Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News box that was going north.

The impact of the 2:00 oclock in the morning crash was so immense that Caglia was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

Kenneth Wallen, age 50 and resident of Runnemede was identified as the operator of the newspaper box truck driver. Authorities transported the driver to the Hospital of Suburban Mercy where he was treated of minor injuries.

As the crash remained under probe, the Police are still trying to discover what made Caglia negotiate the U-turn.

Due to the mishap, the lanes along Northbound of the highway were closed down for a couple of hours while police conducted prelim investigation and the scene was cleared.

Police confirmed that a woman in her early 20s identified Amelia Elizabeth Caglia, of Eagleville, Pennsylvania died following a collision. She was driving a silver Toyota sedan along north Blue Route in a silver Toyota near Conshohocken at about 2:00 oclock in the morning. For unknown reasons, she altered direction and made a u-turn heading south in the center northbound lane.

In the process, Caglia’s vehicle collided head-on with a box truck of the Philadelphia Inquirer that was running at the lane near mile marker 17.3.

The truck overturned on its side and medics delivered the driver to the Suburban Hospital of Mercy. He sustained only minor injuries. Caglia died at the scene.

The affected highway remained closed for about three hours following the crash; however, one lane of traffic was soon reopened between Interstates 76 and 476 at about 5:15 oclock that morning. The rest of the lanes were reopened by 30 minutes later.

DOT of Pennsylvania is quite strict when it comes to illegal turning around if drivers do so on a street where there is a mark of No U-Turns. Even in the absence of a sign, a driver could still be cited when the u-turn is unsafe for the driver and others on the road.

Drivers are not allowed to make a u-turn along the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The only way to reverse direction on the turnpike is to drive all the way through the interchange and pay toll. However, in an emergency situation, traveling on a reverse direction is allowed. Those drivers who are guilty of an illegal u-turn will receive three points.

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Source: DMV Pa