Early Friday morning, one person was killed after a bridge for pedestrians collapsed above a Detroit freeway that caused both ways from Interstate 96 to Joy Road to be closed.

A Dumpster hauler driver was killed following the accident as authorities believed that the vehicle crashed on the overpass with its raised rear component. The impact resulted to the crumple onto the Southfield Freeway.

According to Lt. Michael A. Shaw of the State Police, the driver, whose identity was not revealed, was working for a waste-hauling business. The bridge was not sturdy enough that just a slight momentum from the crash could take it down

Shaw says no other person was on the bridge so the driver was the only one injured.

When the boom hit the bridge, it also pulled down the bridge with it. Since it was quite early for the rush hours nobody else was struck. However, it it happened an hour later, it could have created the worst scenario.

The driver was rushed to an area hospital but he died later. Police did not give any detail on what caused the death.

Barnika Cage, whose residence was just a block from the bridge, said that she heard a boom sound down the street and saw that the bridge had fallen. She saw a man exited from the truck, staggering around and fell face first on the grass just beside the roadway.

Cage said that it looked bad with blood running down his face and she prayed that he would be OK.

The DOT and state police were not sure how long the roadway would be closed. So traffic was being forced off the freeway in both directions. Matthew Stafford , famous Detroit Lions quarterback, was one of the stranded drivers waiting for the traffic to move one.

State Police spokesperson said that had the driver of the truck that hit a pedestrian bridge been wearing a seat belt; he would have greater chances to survive.

State Police spokesperson Shaw confirmed the death the driver, Stanford Michael Doll, age 54, resident of Almont. He was the fatality resulting from the crash that closed both directions of the freeway when the bridge at Cathedral Street fell onto the road.

The TLC Waste Disposal Services of the Romulus-based company was listed as owner of the truck. This marked the second fatality befalling a worker for the company for this month. Last September 3, their worker identified as Calvin Goree, age 51, resident of Canton was electrocuted in the Twp. of Clinton when a portion of the truck he was operating struck a power line while dumping scrap metal.

Both incidents are under investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration; however, spokesperson Tanya Baker said the crash ed are under investigation by their department.

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