Five people were transported to local hospitals near Clayton, Delaware as troopers continued investigating the crash that happened around 8:20 o’clock Tuesday evening.

According to the police, two motorcycles and a car collided. The Kawasaki sport motorcycles were operated byRavin Dean, age 24 and Joseph Gonce, age 25 along Millington Rd as the duo was heading toward Alley Corner Rd. Troopers said a Hyundai 2011 Sonata was driven by Floyd Price, age 87, along the Alley Corner Rd. when he came to a stop just before entering Millington Rd.

Police reported that Price entered the corner and pulled into the way of the motorcyclists. Dean tried to swerve to the left to keep from hitting the car, but he was unsuccessful and hit the front passenger’s side. Gonce also attempted to swerve but instead slammed on the back tire of the car. The impact ejected both motorcyclists from their motorbikes. Police said that after Gonce was thrown off, his motorcycle burst in flames. Troopers said the Sonata stopped on Millington Rd. following the collision.

Ravin Dean was airlifted by Del State Police ambulance helicopter to the Medical Center of Christiana where she was admitted for treatment. Medical staff said that she is in stable condition after treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. Police added that Joseph Gonce was delivered to General Hospital of Kent where he was also treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Police learned that both motorcyclists were wearing helmets.

Floyd Price had two passengers in his Sonata:  two females with ages 87 and 89. They were delivered to Kent General and treated for various injuries. Police said that no information was given on their status and current conditions.

Troopers said that investigation of the incident continues and so far no charges are filed.

Police confirmed that at least five people ended in the hospital, following a crash last Tuesday evening. Authorities stated that around 8:20 o’clock that evening, two motorcyclists crashed along Millington Road while they were coming up to Alley Corner Rd.

Floyd Price was driving a Hyundai Sonata and halted at Alley Corner Rd, prior to his entry in the corner to negotiate a turn onto Millington Rd. Price stopped right along the path of Dean, who was in front of Gonce. Dean tried to swerve avoiding the car but instead hit the front passenger’s side and was thrown off from her bike. Gonce swerved to avoid the crash, but instead slammed the back driver’s side tire, and was also ejected from his motorcycle.

The motor vehicle of Gonce burst into flames following his ejected while Dean, who was reportedly wearing a helmet, was air lifted from his motorbike. Dean was delivered to the Medical Center of Christiana and treated for non-life-threatening injuries and is currently in stable condition. Gonce was treated for non-critical injuries at the General Hospital of Kent.

Meanwhile, Price and his two octogenarian women passengers were transported to KGH for treatment for various injuries. While the crash is under investigation, no charges have been filed.

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