Philadelphia ? At least an Overbrook woman was struck on the tracks by a SEPTA train. According to Septa officials, this afternoon, the victim was standing along the train tracks near the Station at Overbrook.

The incident happened about 1:30 oclock in the afternoon near the station just at the inbound Regional Rail tracks.

Septa spokesman confirmed that someone was hit and the victim was identified as a woman, age 73 who sustained injuries. She was delivered to the University Hospital of Pennsylvania where they listed her under critical condition.

Due to the mishap, officials announced delays of up to 20 minutes on the Paoli-Thorndale line as investigators were around the area.

Philadelphia police are continuing their investigation to learn the cause why the woman from Overbrook was struck by a SEPTA train. They will ne investigation the condition of the train and the state of the driver.

Authorities said that the woman was hit by a train near the Overbrook Train Station on Thursday afternoon. Sustaining critical injuries, she was delivered to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and no official statement was given of her present condition.

A witness was interviewed by Action News about the incident and he was able to give some highlights.

Witness Al Beatty said that he was aware that something will happen when one of the customers ahead of him stood up, screamed and pointed to the victim. He saw an elderly woman standing literally in the middle of the train tracks of the train that was oncoming.

The four car train was already beginning to slow down but it was not fast enough that they still hit the woman with such strong impact that she was airlifted and landed on the ground.

Beatty said that he held his breath when the woman was lifted in midair, He saw her collapsed to the ground between the rails and conscious. He saw her lift and flex her leg and trying to speak and he told her not to move as help was coming.

Beatty said that he has never seen the woman before but he knew that she placed her bag was on the bench where he was sitting. He believed that she was intending to ride on the train. As the train was approaching, she raised her hand as if trying to hail down a cab.

The SEPTA Regional Rail system has maintains commuter rail service on 13 branches moving in its 150 active stations all over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and its suburbs. Service starts from 5:30 oclock in the morning and ends at midnight. This is the most efficient and economical way to get to any destination all over the states. Although their cars are maintained well and drivers are certified, however no transportation system is ever immune to accidents.

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Source: Philadelphia CBS Local Com?