Vineyard, N.J. – The hit-and-run driver in Vineland who left his victim to die in the street is now hunted by the police. Last Monday, authorities are looking for the hit-and-run operator in Vineland that left its victim to die in the street.

The fatal accident took place on the busy West Landis Avenue just at the vicinity of Delsea Drive.

Monday afternoon, the police identified the hit-and-run victim as Armando Lopez, age 49, resident of Vineland. Authorities stated that say Lopez was a native of Puerto Rico, but had just recently relocated to the Vineland of Bridgeton, New Jersey.

Today, cars are once again zooming at top speed along Block 1000 of West Landis Avenue in Vineland. The brother of Lopez is issuing an emotional plea for the driver to come forward to that driver who did not stop.

Fernando Lopez told the police that whoever killed his brother was unfair as Armando was a good man who was a loving brother and family man. The hit-and-run driver must come forward and accept his due.

Police reported that Lopez was crossing Landis nearby Delsea Drive a little after 8:30 o’clock in the evening of Sunday. Armando, age 49 had almost crossed the four lanes when he was hit just feet away from the sidewalk. The driver of the car sped off from the scene.

Investigators took all day of Monday to review the surveillance video in the area hoping to catch a view of the suspect’s car. 

Officer Rudy Beu of Vineyard said that he is confident that they would find the culprit as the three major businesses on the intersections of each corner has very good surveillance systems. Eventually, they will come up to view the suspect.

However, the police have trouble tracking down the driver for several of the eyewitnesses gave the police varied descriptions of the vehicle who could have hit the victim.

Beu said that when there are multiple witnesses to an incident, there are varied accounts, so it is like looking for a needle in the hay stock. You need to weed out through a lot of the statements.

All the police can say at this point is that the vehicle might have sustained front end damage. However, they say that there is no evidence that vehicle was left at the scene.

Police believed that someone along the busy and well-lit stretch of road in Vineland where this happened knows who this driver is.

Beu said that eventually someone comes forward with a conscience.

Police mentioned that Lopez was involved in construction and managed his own small business. His employees were devastated by the loss.

Police are asking anyone with information is requested to call the police. Tips can be kept confidential. A cash reward of up to $1,000 is also offered.

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Source: Philadelphia CBS Local Com