Pittsburgh – At least an Allegheny County judge sentenced last Tuesday a man from western Pennsylvania to an imprisonment of  a minimum three year imprisonment to a maximum of six years that is followed by a probation for10 years as penalty for a driving drunk and feeling from the scene of an accident that killed a jitney driver who was talking with his passenger outside his vehicle.

Shontelle Harvey, age 41 and resident of Moon Township was pronounced the sentence by a County judge following a previously conviction of homicide by auto while DUI and other charges.

Police in Leetsdale received a call at about 3:00 o’clock in the morning of Aug. 18, 2013 after Charles Britt, age 67 a jitney driver residing in Penn Hills, and was hit while standing along the road side. Britt was standing beside his vehicle contending with a passenger when Harvey’s car passed and hit him.

Harvey later confided to the police that he fled from the scene as he was already on probation for another crime.

Police were investigating the death of one person who was struck by a driver who hit and run near the Lounge of Leetsdale more than a year ago at about 3:00 o’clock Sunday morning.

The fatality was identified as Charles Britt who was carrying passengers Beaver County to Pittsburgh when he pulled over his vehicle and got out to argue with one of the passengers. When he was standing out, he was hit by another vehicle that kept on going. Britt was pronounced dead at the scene.

The white hit-and run SUV the struck Britt was damaged in the process. They started looking for the SUV until a police officer noticed an SUV with damaged bumper and ordered car to pull over. When he asked the driver about it, the driver, Shontelle Harvey of Moon Twp, replied that it was caused by an old accident and that he on his way to visit a friend.

Police apprehended Harvey and he said that he was not aware of hitting a man and had no intention to hurt anyone. But the Police noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver.

Police was told by Harvey that last night he was celebrating his birthday and he didn’t want to stop because he was already on probation. He is now locked up in the County Jail of Allegheny on multiple charges. His day in court has noit yet been scheduled.

DUI is considered one of the biggest threats that motorists are facing today. In a 2003 statistics, it was revealed that over 1.4 M Americans were apprehended for DUI, and crashes due to alcohol produce an estimate of $45 billion in damages annually. Every 30 seconds, one person is injured in an alcohol-related car accident. From the year 2000 to 2005, 103,213 people were killed in alcohol-related car accidents in the U.S.

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