Philadelphia – Authorities reported that a SEPTA officer was answering a call for help a little after 3:00 o’clock Saturday morning his police cruiser was stuck by a white SUV near Market and 5th Streets.

A woman driver was arrested for DUI when she crashed into a SEPTA police vehicle in Old City Philadelphia overnight. The officer in the cruiser sustained injuries and was treated for minor injuries at University Hospital of Thomas Jefferson.

Police tested the driver and she had a BAC level of .149 that was twice the legal limit. She was also treated for minor injuries.

After the vehicle of the SEPTA police officer was struck by a drunk driver Saturday, he was treated for injuries and now recuperating in the hospital.

Before 4:00 o’clock that morning, the officer was at the intersection of Market and 5th Streets in the Old City section of Philadelphia when his cruiser was struck by an SUV. Due to the impact, the officer’s vehicle hit a light post and propelled up onto a curb.

The unidentified woman driver was apprehended for driving under the influence as test showed her blood alcohol level was .149; it was twice the legal limit.

The police officer sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was delivered to Jefferson Hospital where medical staff stated he is currently in stable condition.

The SUV driver was not injured and was arrested for drunken driving after her BAC test revealed that it was twice the legal limit. Charges will be filed after evidences and investigations are completed.

Although DUI penalties have been increased by Act 24, many drivers still take the law for granted. Pennsylvania has lowered legal limit of alcohol from .10 to .08, after the law signed into law on September 30, 2003. The new Driving under the Influence (DUI) Law is a tiered approach toward its enforcement and treatment. They have made the law stiffer by creating many changes to the terms of suspension, fines, penalties and other stipulations. They have combined findings from the driver’s level of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) to prior offenses that make the licensing prerequisites and penalties. The purpose of the new law is focused on providing treatment for first-time DUI offenders not only for strict punishment and suspension.

Under Act 23 or the new DUI law, minor drivers, commercial drivers, school vehicle or bus drivers, and offenders who commit accident that harms someone or causes destruction of property are subjected to excessive BAC penalties even if their alcohol content does not fall under high category. Offenders who refuse to undergo breath or chemical testing are subjected to the highest BAC penalties.

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Source: Philadelphia CBS Local Com

Source: DMV State Pa. US