A multi-vehicle crash in Mayfair that sent two victims to area hospitals is now under the investigation of the Police of Philadelphia.

The incident took place at about 6:30 oclock Tuesday morning at the vicinity of Rowland and Tyson Avenues.

According to the police, after three vehicles collided and one overturned.

Police reported that one woman, age 62 was trapped inside the topsy-turvy vehicle and had to be extricated by the emergency crew. Sustaining severe injuries, she was delivered by medics to Aria Health/Torresdale.

Another injury was man of 47 who was taken by the ambulance to Nazareth Hospital.

No information was provided regarding the condition of either victim.

Last week of June saw another multi-vehicle crash that slowed the traffic along the northbound lanes of North Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

The wreck occurred at about 7:47 oclock in the morning of Friday in a construction zone located 3 miles north of the Mid-County toll plaza.

Turnpike officials reported that 6 vehicles were involved.

Initially, there was no report indicating serious injuries from the crash.

Images shot by new chopper above showed that several vehicles were standing still at the right lane with two appearing to have sustained significant damage.

By 8:30 oclock that morning, all lanes along the Turnpike were opened.

Still in the month of June, a child was killed with two other people in multi-vehicle accident in Burlington County.

Officials reported that three cars were involved in a crash near Block 2100 block of Mt. Holly Road in the Burlington Twp, of New Jersey.

A child, age 9, was killed in the crash while two other people were injured. Police have not yet revealed the child’s identity or the conditions of the survivors.

Mt. Holly Road was shut down in both directions.

Multi-vehicle collision is also known as pile-up or chain-reaction crash. This type of road traffic accident involves many vehicles. It often occurs on high-capacity and high-speed routes such as freeways. Traffic authorities consider thia type as the deadliest forms of traffic accidents.

Traffic contends that pile-ups are common during low-visibility conditions as motorists plying the freeways have the tendency to drive too close to the vehicle in front and not looking after the road conditions.

During winter, even when roads have good visibility, chain-reaction crashes can still occur when black ice or other road hazards are unexpectedly encountered, especially when drivers turned around a curve or crest a hill.

Due to vehicle traveling high speeds on the road, if one car has a problem and suddenly brakes, those following cannot halt in time and may hit each other. With roads often having heavy traffic volumes, there are more cars forced to brake and skid, often moving to other lanes or even moving towards the front of oncoming traffic. So many vehicles are involved and a chain reaction crash is the effect.

In such kind of accident, it is difficult for investigators and to tell which vehicle caused the crash.

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