Philadelphia, P.A.?A two pile-ups occurred along the Pennsylvania Turnpike when the ice and snowstorms covered the area last week. At least 30 people were injured when the automobile accidents took place just after 8:00 oclock in the morning last Friday at the eastbound lanes of the highway

Emergency medical crews responded immediately and transported 30 people from the area to the Abington Memorial Hospital and Medical Center of St. Marys for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

According to the reports of motorists, the highways were extremely slick at the time of the accidents that made others asked how well the roads were treated by the DOT. Until 6:00 oclock that morning, there was a restriction of speed in place due to the road conditions.

The place was little with glass, plastic and gas and other debris; cracked gas were scattered all over the roadway, which caused longer delays.

Authorities are probing the wreck site especially the road conditions to discover if there are changes so speed restrictions could be lifted.

Last February, in Bensalem Pa. another crash started around 8:30 oclock Friday morning that resulted to a 25-car pileup near the R-1 exit for Bensalem. From this point, more and more cars were added after cars crashed in the backlog.

Capt. Greg Bacher of the State Police told Action News that the major factor of the crash was the weather but they are investigating how it all started.

The vehicles wrecked were represented in various types as tractor trailers, four of which was jackknifed at the scene.

The pile-up was an all-day mess along the Pennsylvania Turnpike shutting the road for miles. After two major pileups, several other wrecks also happened.

The mishap resulted to dozens of drivers stranded suffering the cold. There were around 50 cars involved in those pileups.

The crashes on I-276 were first reported to authorities a little after 8:00 oclock right in the middle of the morning rush. It led to the closure of the turnpike at the intersection of Philadelphia Interchanges and Willow Grove in Bensalem.

State senators of Pennsylvania have been giving warnings regarding more pileups taking place on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Past accidents showed that the pandemonium and congestion that ensued must be remedied another incident happens that have more grave effects. Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission believed that they need to work on their response to major pileups.

Among recommendations were speed restrictions put in place during the storm snowy and slick roadway must be adequately treated.

Turnpike officials and state police stated that on this kind of weather, roadways are treated for ice but sometimes ice unexpectedly formed in patches that causes danger to motorists.

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