Pittsburgh — A little before 3:00 o’clock Tuesday afternoon, a 5-car crash took place inside the Squirrel Hill Tunnel. To prevent a traffic jam, PennDOT officials closed all the outbound ways from the tunnel for almost half an hour.

Although, they way were opened open the way after 30 minutes, officials announced that motorists will be subject to delay due to traffic build-up.

According to state police, aside from the crash inside4, another accident occurred happened right before the entrance. No other detail was given if the mishaps had victims.

Drivers were advised by PennDOT officials to pass through alternate routes.

After a 5-car accident inside the tunnel last Tuesday afternoon, the Tunnel of Squirrel Hill was shut down less than an hour for all outbound vehicles passing along Parkway East at Interstate 376.

Emergency crews immediately responded to the scene and in a matter of time were able to clear the area.

No report was given if there were injuries and the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Motorists were frustration as they experienced significant delays in their trips.

The 5- car pileup last Tuesday afternoon closed Parkway East’s outbound side along Interstate 376 for about half an hour.

It took the emergency crews less than an hour as they responded to the call and speedily clean the site.

There was no report of injuries, as the investigators are probing the factors of the accident.

Motorists will surely experienced some delays after the outbound lanes of Squirrel Hill tunnel has been closed following the 5- car pileup. Drivers are advised to take a different route.

The weekend July 11-14 sked of the Tunnel has been postponed. The Tunnel will stay open this weekend July 3-7 to accommodate holiday travelers. To avoid confusion, there will be no work done in either direction from Thursday to Saturday nights July 3-5. But on Sunday night, July 6, there will be an overnight single lane closure from 10 pm to 6:30 am.

In 1946, the Squirrel Hill Tunnel was constructed in Pittsburgh, Pa. to serve as a gateway eastward to the city for Interstate 376. After 8 years of construction, it was completed in 1953. It became a convenient thoroughfare and served hubdreds of motorists each day.

Driving lore in Pittsburgh named the tunnel notorious for several accidents that occurred. It has become a symbol of congestion and frustration. For commuters, it is often about bad news, closures, detours and construction.

The PennDOT will soon raise the ceiling of Squirrel Hill Tunnels for the purpose alleviating the creation of the tunnel’s bottlenecks going into and out of the city. They also caused the piling-up of traffic most of the time at before almost all of the exits, due to the decreasing highway from4 lanes down to 2. Many commuters opt to pass via Frick Park for their exit, as it is generally faster.

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Source: DOT State Pa. US