A man from Doylestown Township was driving with a BAC level three times above legal limit was charged last Sunday for the death of a Bedminster man and critically injuring his wife in a head-on collision Saturday night in Bedminster.

According to police records, Dennis Harold Bennett, age 64 of Old Pebble Hill Road, told Pa. State Police that he was not aware what happened while he was crossing into the west lane in Block 700 at Kellers Church Road in Bedminster. At around 10:30 o’clock that evening, he hits a motorcycle operated by Carl Polichetti III, age 47.

The wife of the biker identified as Tamatha Polichetti, age 46, who was riding in tandem, sustained life-threatening injuries and was rushed to Hospital of St. Luke’s in Bethlehem.

The trooper smelled the strong odor of alcohol on Bennett and that he was not walking steadily, stumbling , staggering, and had slurred speech., according to an affidavit of probable cause. The officer asked Bennett how many alcohol he consumed, he answered that it was only few beers, but he is presently on prescription pain medication.

Bennett was administered two tests and he allegedly failed one; and he was unable to perform the second test due to a back injury, the affidavit said.  He was given a portable breath test and the results showed his BAC was three times over the 0.08 legal limits for driving in Pa., police contended. However, Bennett agreed to have blood drawn for further testing.

Bennett will have a day in court on Sunday before Judge John Kelly Jr. who is Middletown District Judge. Filed against him were: (1) homicide by vehicle; (2) antagonized assault while DUI; (3) DUI; and (4) other related traffic violations. He placed in Bucks County prison instead of paying 10% of $100,000 bail.

State police apprehended a say senior male driver from Doylestown Township for DUI driving that caused the death of a man from Bedminster and seriously injuring his wife after a head-on collision Saturday night in Bedminster.

The drunken driver was identified as Dennis Harold Bennett, of Old Pebble Hill Road who struck the motorcycle driven by Carl Polichetti III along Kellers Church Road shortly before 10:30 o’clock that evening.

Bike driver’s wife, identified as Tamatha Polichetti was a passenger on the motorcycle sustained critical injuries and was taken to St. Luke’s Bethlehem.

The trooper who apprehended Bennett was able to smell a strong odor of alcohol and the driver had all the symptoms of a drunken person.  Bennett also told the police that he had taken a few drinks and was under prescription drugs.

The trooper administered two field sobriety tests that confirmed the driver had alcohol content in his blood far above the legal limit.

He was not allowed to post 10% of the $100,000 bail but was sent to Bucks County prison.

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Source: DUI Blotter Com