For the past two years, Wal-Mart trucks have been involved in hundreds of crashes and that one of its limo buses was the vehicle servicing comedian Tracy Morgan where he was injured and another passenger killed.

Based on a criminal complaint, the driver who operated the rig that collided with the limousine carrying the famous comedian and six other persons along the N. J. Turnpike last Saturday had been sleepless for about two days. The mishap resulted to the death of one person and left Morgan and two others seriously injured.

Wal-Mart driver identified as Kevin Roper, age 35, was behind the wheel of the truck traveling along the turnpike when he was not aware that traffic in front of him was slowing down. Roper smashed and rear-ended the limo, pushing it to flip over and propelled into several other vehicles.

Funnyman, James McNair, aka Jimmy Mack died on the scene; and according spokesperson Lewis Kay, Morgan sustained broken nose, broken leg and several broken ribs. He is expected to recuperate for a couple of week under hospital care.

Investigation revealed that driver Roper, 35, had been on the road for more than 24 hours before the crash early that morning. The sleepless driver was filed two charges: (1) vehicular homicide; and (2) assault. After paying a bond in the amount of $50,000, he was set free but expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

Wal-Mart gave the statement that all their drivers, in compliance with federal regulations, are required to be behind the wheels no more than 11 hours and during shifts no longer than 14 hours period followed by 10 hours of rest.

U.S. CEO Bill Simon of Wal-Mart assured the public that the company is taking full responsibility in case investigation proves that its truck caused the crash. He said the event cannot be changed what but the company will rectify the survivors and family of the victim in the days and weeks ahead.

Wal-mart has always been proud of the safety and efficiency of its massive trucking fleet. However, they have to answer questions following a high-profile crash committed by one its trucks that caused critical injuries to a famous comedian, killed another performer and several riders along the New Jersey Turnpike early Saturday.

But federal data show on records that Wal-mart trucks have been involved in around 380 crashes; 9 fatalities and 129 have been injured during that period.

There was no study comparing the safety record of Wal-Mart’s safety with other carriers. Reviewed by the government more than 10 years ago, this company got highest safety rating.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Wal-Mart operated 6,239 trucks with 7,222 drivers and travelled 667 million miles last year.

As one of the biggest private carriers in the U.S., Bentonville, Arkansas, follows biggest drink & food industries as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Sysco.

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