Pottstown Pa. – Last fall, an elderly pedestrian in suburban Philadelphia was killed in an accident and the driver of the school bus had been sentenced to a probation for three years plus community service for 600 hours.

Donna M. Engler, age 64 from Block 600 of Schultz Road, was pronounced her sentenced in the County Court of Montgomery to three years’ probation for: (1) charges of misdemeanor for unintentional manslaughter; and (2) a summary charge of careless driving that caused unintentional death in connection with crash on September 09, 2013 at North Charlotte and Mervine streets that led to the death of pedestrian Shirley Wilhelm, age 78 and resident of Pottstown.

According to the authorities, Wilhelm while was crossing Mervine Street, was hit and killed as the school but operated by Engler was negotiating a turn at the corner of North Charlotte Street. Witnesses and investigators claimed the school bus had the right of way at the intersection.

After the autopsy, it was determined that the cause of Wilhelm was multiple injuries.

Under the law of the state, a person commits involuntary manslaughter by doing a recklessly or grossly negligent lawful act that caused the death of another person.

While imposing the penalty, Judge Gary S. Silow saw the tearful apology of Engler; he stated that the culprit has honestly demonstrated to this court, remorse. He believed Engler’s remorse is not the characteristic of a criminal.

Judge Silow also sentenced Engler to perform 600 hours of community service, to be done with a group that is helping Pottstown area of homeless population. This was the request of the victim’s to the judge as Wilhelm cared for the homeless.

Suzanne Betts. Wilhelm’s daughter said that her mother was so energetic and zestful; a considerate and kind person who showed immense faith and Christian charity. She was youthful and fun-loving. Her mother was a great loss to the family, friends and community.

Engler appeared in court with the full support of her husband, her four sons and grandchildren. She tearfully addressed the family and relatives of Wilhelm while apologizing profusely for taking a precious life.

Nicholas Reifsnyder, Asst. District Attorney did not specify a particular punishment but stated the request of the victim’s relatives that it includes a community service.

The sentence last Thursday in Montgomery County Court of Donna Engler, age 64 resident of Perkiomenville was reported in Pottstown Mercury.

Engler pleaded guilty last January to the charge of misdemeanor for charge of unintentional manslaughter in last Sept. 9 wreck that led to the death of Shirley Wilhelm, age 78 and residing in Pottstown.

According to the Police, the victim was having her early morning stroll when she was struck as the school bus was turning right.

Montgomery County Judge Gary Silow said that Engler had shown remorse as she tearfully apologized before the victim’s relatives. She told them that she cries herself to sleep every night wondering why the accident happened.

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