An accident occurred along Pennsylvania Turnpike in Lebanon County westbound lanes involving an overturned tractor trailer.

According to Lebanon County 911 the mishap took place at around 9:07 oclock in the morning as they arrived with the emergency crew at the scene near mile 265 marker in the TWP. of South Londonderry.

Dispatchers warned that the traffic in the area allows traffic to pass only a single lane. The Pennsylvania Turnpike added that traffic is moving slowly between the West interchanges of Lebanon-Lancaster and Harrisburg.

Aside from the frustrations of rush hour traffic, state police were also investigating two other separate crashes that occurred in I- 83 southbound that 4:00 oclock Friday afternoon. Although, there were no serious injuries were reported.

From the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s traffic alert website, speed of vehicle along the stretch of the interstate in both directions from the Route 322 exit to the Interstate 81 split were below posted limit.

Recently Florida dads were toying with the idea of increasing the speed limit?on certain interstates from 70 to 75 MPH. However, Pennsylvania DOT has yet to see any of its roads posted with 70 mph speed limit signs. But it might happen soon.

Motorists will soon be seeing signs go up this summer?along stretches of highway?in the commonwealth, transportation officials said.

Last fall, Gov. Tom Corbett signed the transportation funding bill where he authorized increasing the maximum speed to 70 MPH on certain highways where it would be possible and safe.

Renee Colburn who is P.A.Turnpike spokesperson said initially there will be higher speed limit appearing on short stretches?of the turnpike. She said that for the present they are working with PennDOT for exact locations.

DOT spokesperson, Rich Kirkpatrick added nothing to shed light on which highways are being considered for the higher speed limit since they are still working on it.

It will be recalled that since 1955, Congress allowed Pennsylvania drivers to legally travel as fast as 65 mph on certain highways; and last October, Senate President Pro Tempore?Joe Scarnati, R-Jefferson County, proposed to raise the limit 5 MPH higher.

He believed that by increasing the maximum speed limit on interstate highways and the PA Turnpike will allow for better traffic flow and provide greater efficiency in the delivery of goods throughout the commonwealth,

There are 36 states allowing a maximum speed limits of 70 mph or higher on interstates or other limited-access roads; while 16 allow motorists to drive 75 mph or higher on certain roads.

Kirkpatrick was asked if PennDOT will allow lawmakers to push for an even higher maximum speed limit within the next few years, he said that the transportation funding law specified 70 mph and they are not looking at going to limits beyond.

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