At least a young girl was killed and a young boy was injured when they were hit by a pickup truck last Tuesday afternoon along Strasburg Twp.

The girl and the boy might be siblings but there was no confirmation to their relationship as of last Tuesday night.
Dr. Stephen Diamantoni who is Lancaster County Coroner identified the girl as Rachel Zook, age 10 and that her family is residing in the township, near the location of the accident.

According to the coroner, the cause of the girls death was multiple traumatic injuries and her death was ruled as accidental. Although, they are not conducting an autopsy but an external exam will likely be performed.

The mishap took place at around 4:00 oclock in the afternoon in front of 2233 White Oak Rd.
After a report was filed of a cardiac arrest, emergency personnel responded to the scene.

A medical helicopter was initially called to the area but since the victim expired, it was recalled a short time later. The mishap caused the closure of a part of White Oak Rd. Meanwhile, a coroner was dispatched to the scene.

Police reported that operator Josh G. Bledsoe, age 22, resident of Quarryville, was driving westward in a Dodge 1500 Ram pickup when the truck veered toward the eastbound lane and left the road.

Authorities stated that the trucks front left corner hit Zook, who was gathering sticks in their front yard. The truck also crashed into a wooden push cart that then hit the six-year-old boy.

Right after the crash, officials was unaware that a second child was injured involved until a few hours later the boy started complaining of a hip injury.

The boy was also transported by an ambulance to an area hospital for treatment; however, medical staff said that his injuries were not life-threatening.State police are continuing their investigation.

Police confirmed that a 10-year-old girl from Lancaster County was killed by a truck last Tuesday afternoon.
The police said that the child was gathering sticks in the front yard of her home along block 2200 in White Oak Rd, Strasburg Twp.

Twenty-two years old Josh Gregory Bledsoe, resident of Quarryville was identified as driver of the Dodge 1500 Ram that hit the girl.

Police learned that Bledsoe was westbound running along White Oak Rd. when his car veered into the eastbound lane of traffic as it left the roadway. The girl who was in the front yard was hit by the front left corner of the truck.

He also crashed on a wooden push cart that injured another hit a six-year-old boy. The boy was delivered to the hospital for treatment of non-life threatening inuries but the girl was pronounced dead at the scene. Depending on the result of investigation, no charges have been filed against Bledsoe.

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