A severe car crash culminated after a14-year-old boy with his four pals led the Pa. Police on a wild goose chase last Friday night.

According to the police records, the pursuit stated a little before 9:00 oclock in the evening from the intersection of Glenwood and 11th Streets in North Philadelphia. Highway patrol officer tried to stop a red car that running at full speed.

When the teen driver noticed that authorities were apprehend him, he took off really fast as he went speeding down a number of blocks in Glenwood Street. For unknown reasons, he lost control of the red sedan as he reached Allegheny Avenue.

Police recounted that the speeding sedan finally flipped over at the corner, at the same time, expelling one teenage male passenger and seriously injuring four others who were left inside the car.

All the five teens were immediately delivered to the Childrens Hospital of St. Christopher that was in nearby Hunting Park. The teen that was ejected from the vehicle sustained serious injuries and listed in critical condition. Hospital staff treated the four other victims and was considered in stable condition.

Police added that they also recovered a gun inside the sedan.

Polices Accident Investigation Division is continuing its probe of the incident.

It was confirmed that five teenagers were injured after crash in North Philadelphia and police learned that a boy of 14 was behind the wheel. The mishap took place at about 9:00 oclock Friday night at Allegheny and Glenwood avenues.

Police believed that the young driver started to panic when he saw officers pursuing the vehicle. Officers started chasing the vehicle after it went through several traffic lights. The teener behind the wheel lost control, collided into a parked car and flipped over. No one in the vehicle was wearing seat belts.

One of the young passengers was ejected from the vehicle. They all sustained injuries and were taken to St. Christopher’s Hospital. Only the on ejected wa listed in critical condition, the other four suffered minor injuries and were listed under stable condition.

Police continue to investigate.

This young offender will be facing lots of charges. In Philadelphia, an individual must be at least 16 to obtain permit and have it for 6 months to get a juniors drivers. Pa. restricts teen-drivers from carrying the number of passengers.? If a junior driver has not been convicted of a driving violation or been responsible for a crash, then after six months, he or she can transport up to three passengers under 18 who are not immediate family members without a parent or legal guardian in the car. In Pennsylvania, front seat passenger including driver must wear a seatbelt. For the back seat passengers there is no seat belt law after 18. Minors are not allowed to own and carry guns.

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