Philadelphia ? Over the weekend, police have made an arrest in connection with a road rage shooting on Broad Street. The suspect, identified as Shaffiat Ali, age 31, charged with: (1) aggravated assault; and (2) other related offenses.

The police reported that they discovered his red Mitsubishi Eclipse Tlast afternoon of Tuesday in South Philadelphia.

The victim who was identified as Nicole Spayne, age 28, told the police last Tuesday night that he was greatly terrified by the actuations of the suspect.

According to Payne, at about 7:30 oclock in the evening of Saturday, she was driving along Lombard Street accompanied by her daughter; age 4 months, and 20-year-old sister. She became conscious that a red car was following her for at least 9 blocks that was substantiated by a surveillance camera.

When the two vehicles reached Broad Street, Payne turned right. The other vehicle kept on going but as he crossed the intersection, the driver fired two shots through his open passenger side window.

The occupants of the car were terrified as one pellet which may have been a BB gun entered through the back window while the other broke the mirror on the passenger side.

Fortunately, no occupants were hit but the bullet could have killed people on the street. Payne said that he baby and sister are okay.

Building owners along the way gave the investigators a video showing the vehicles passing by the route to piece together the sequence of events.

The video showed the driver of the red car gesturing wildly from his the window to the car in front of him. Payne heard him blowing his horn and shouting at them.

On Tuesday afternoon, the police were able to find the car parked at block 800 of Fernon Street in South Philadelphia.

Block residents said that the car does not belong to anyone around the neighborhood. Their suspicions were aroused when they noticed that the license tag of the car was missing. So, they called the police.

The video taken of vehicles by surveillance camera along the way surely identified that this was one of the cars. So they were sure that the car belonged to the suspect.

The video showed the driver shouting and gesturing outside his window toward the occupant of the car in front. This was one aspect of road rage where the driver shows aggressive or angry behavior to the driver of other cards. It is expressed by verbal insults, rude gestures and other threatening actions. For whatever reason, investigators have to find out.

This afternoon, the car showed up on the 800 block of Fernon Street in South Philadelphia.

Residents of the block tell Action News they had never seen the car before and became suspicious when they noticed the license tag was missing. So, they called the police. The police are still searching for the driver.

Most of the time road rages end up in accidents that cost life and injuries to the commuters of the road.

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