Phillys most dangerous roadway claimed other victims including three children and several people that were injured in an accident on Roosevelt Boulevard.

It happened along the corner of Devereaux Avenue at about 7:00 oclock Friday evening.

All the inner lanes going south including Devereaux across the boulevard were closed while the police conducted their investigation at the scene. Authorities were not able to give the complete details of the people injured but police confirmed that some of them were in critical condition.

At the most dangerous area on the roadway, two badly mangled cars were witnessed to the horrific story of the accident.

TV news reporter was told by a badly-shaken man that his mom and two sisters were inside a car that ended up in the center island.

According to the police, eight victims, included children, were rushed to the local hospital.

Witness Kimberly Beaulieu said that there were a lot of chaos; with people acting crazy and four ambulances getting the injured. But she arrived in the scene right after the wreck.

Beaulieu said it was so scary and sad when you know that in the midst of the chaos some people were badly hurt.

An eyewitness reported that she saw a vehicle trying to run the red light and strike another car. There were no light installed in the intersection.

State lawmakers have been planning the installation of speed camera along the boulevard to minimize accidents. Many commuters do not think that a speed camera is going to help.

A 40 MPH speed limit is given this stretch if this can be of any help to the traffic. i

Around the boulevard are plenty of debris scattered as reminders of? previous that happened in the stretch.

Beaulieu, like many others passing the area, considered the boulevard as scary with its heavy traffic and so many accidents happening. It seems that nobody pays attention to safety as everybody thinks they alone are traveling on the street by themselves and they dont care about other people.

Police are trying to investigate the factor causing the accident ? if it is DUI or others. Until today, probing of the accident continues.]

Presently, Roosevelt Boulevard covers the areas located north of the Roosevelt Expressway, between Hunting Park Avenue & Robbins Street, and Pennsylvania Route 63 between Red Lion &Woodhaven Roads.

This thoroughfare has two intersections and considered as the second and third most dangerous intersections in the country by State Farm Insurance, at Red Lion Road and Grant Avenue respectively. Due to its dangerous reputation, the road was installed the first red light cameras in Philadelphia in 2004. This area has been the scene of several pedestrian casualties and studies are underway to separate pedestrian traffic from vehicular traffic.

Cameras were strategically installed along the length of the boulevard but the boulevard remains as Philadelphia’s most dangerous roadway.

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