At 7:00 oclock this morning, there was a report that a tractor-trailer turned-over beside the road along Intersection 95 going south along Bensalem. The accident caused a traffic jam that halted along the vicinity of the exit of Woodhaven Rd. that left just one lane open for the vehicles to get by. No report was given regarding injuries.

According to the investigation, it was around 4:30 oclock Wednesday morning when a tractor-trailer collided with a minivan as it was running along the southbound lanes of Interstate 95. The location was past the Route 6 exit in Bensalem Township, Pa.

The responding emergency crew from Newportville Fire Company reported that UPS big rig was wound up and overturned down an embankment. It trapped the driver. Even though traffic was still opened, motorists were advised to avoid passing near the scene because two lanes had to be closed. For other routes, a TV traffic reporter announced the following for route motorists to take Woodhaven Road until they reach Academy Rd. and follow the academy back to Interstate 95. Another alternative is to pass by Street Rd. and follow until Route 13 that runs past the Academy.

No information was given regarding about injured victims but the accident jammed the traffic so vehicles halted along Woodhaven Road. At around 7:00 oclock in the morning, TV reporter announced that only one lane was opened for traffic.

Authorities confirmed that a tractor-trailer overturned just beside the road along Interstate 95 going south in Bensalem. Police did not include any details about injuries.

It was reported that a rig for unknown reasons overturned near a guardrail along Interstate 95 and landed on the weeds that early Wednesday morning. The wreck brought traffic to a standstill to the consternation of the commuters as only one lane was opened for vehicles to pass by. However, an alternative route was announced so all travelers could reach their destination.

Police is continuing its investigation of the crash to discover what caused the rig to flip over. They will give the driver a BAC test to discover if alcohol played a part in the wreck.

All kinds of vehicles are passing the freeways and along with cars, SUVs and minivans, large trucks are the gigantic tractor-trailers-rigs. They regularly travel the highway transporting goods to local stores and warehouses. Although it is normally safe to travel travelling in roadways besides these big vehicles, accidents are likely to happen.

Accidents involving trucks and tractors-trailer happen due to a number of reasons: defective safety equipment, driver inattentiveness, driver fatigue, failure to give a signal, improper change of lanes, , incorrect merging , improper passing, speeding, tailgating, worn brakes, worn tires and others. When an accident occurs involving a truck or tractor-trailer, due to its size and weight, the results is always worse compared with smaller vehicles.

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