Birdsboro, Pa. ? On Mothers Day, a six-year-old boy was struck by a vehicle as its driver fled from the scene. Police in Birdsboro are now searching for the hit-and-run driver.

The victims stepfather, Nathan Lenhardt said that the driver did something wrong in running away.
According to the police, the incident occurred in the alleyway right behind the familys residence home shortly after 1:00 oclock in the afternoon at Block 100 of S. Orange Street.

Lenhardt narrated that Matthew the little boy was walking his bike a few feet away while he and his wife were working in their garage. Suddenly a car came flying along the alley; it hit the boy while the driver slowed down for a while then hit it off. His tire marks are all over the place.

Birdsboro Police are now on the look-out for the driver who hit the kid on Mother’s Day and then ran away from the scene.
Nathan Lenhardt who is stepfather of the victim told the police that the driver was really doing something bad ? by hitting the boy and running away. Police said they responded to the call shortly after 1:00 oclock that afternoon. The mishap happened right at the back alley in the familys residence in S. Orange St.

enhardt recalled that he and his wife were doing some task in the garage while their son was walking his bicycle just feet away. They were just surprised when a car came rampaging down the alley that hit the boy. He driver slowed down a bit but decided to flee for unknown reasons. The hit-and-run driver just took off and kept on going but left tire narks were all over the place.
Lenhardt told TV reporter that Matthew sustained concussion and an abrasion on his head. The boy suffered bruises all over his body and was immediately rushed to the area hospital for treatment.

A surveillance video captured images of the run-away car that police described as black and an older Toyota Camry model. Police stated that the driver appeared to be a stocky white female, at around 20 to 30 years old, with brown hair.
Lenhardt said that the female driver actually looked straight at him before at taking off. He tried running after the car but he couldn’t catch up.

Ted Roth who is Birdsboro Police Chief said that now they have not picked up any suspect but he believed that the driver is someone living in the neighborhood. Since Orange St. is just an alley and the driver passing on the way running at high speed, she might be someone at least familiar with the borough.
Police chief said that the erring driver must face justice for the crash and for leaving the crash.
In the meantime, Matthew is on his way recovery but seems traumatized having nightmares at nighttime.
Authorities are urging anyone with information to contact the Birdsboro Police Department or Crime Alert Berks County Tip Line

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Source: WFMZ Com