Greenwich Twp. Pa. – The identities of three people who died after a fiery accident on Berks County’s Interstate 78 has been released.

A crash that was followed by a fiery chain reaction resulted to the death of three people and closed the stretch of Berks County Interstate 78 for several hours last Monday. According to officials, Vincente Espinvera who was operating a tractor trailer rear-ended the car driven by 52-years-old Robert Rosner who is current deputy at the office of Pa. attorney general and a former prosecutor of Lehigh County.

The car of Rosner was pushed into several other vehicles it burst into flames killing the driver on the scene. The fiery crash was followed by a chain-reaction that killed three people and closed a stretch of Berks County Interstate for several hours Monday. Two of the fatalities were the driver and passenger of one car while the other victim was a driver of one of the seven other vehicles involved.

State police reported that the rig crashed on the rear of a car as the it was negotiating to overtake a box truck that was slowing moving in the right lane. The crash started a conflagration then started the chain-reaction involving seven other vehicles.

The emergency crew from both Interstate 78 Berks and Lehigh counties arrived at the scene that was spreading along a few hundred feet of the eastbound lanes. Although the fire was quickly put out; lots of damage remained. Lanes going eastbound in I-78 were closed until around 10:30 o’clock in the evening. State police closed the highway for several hours for the crews to investigate the accident and remove the charred wreckage.

Tractor trailer operator was delivered to the hospital for treatment of chest pain and routine blood testing. Eleven others sustained minor injuries and were transported to the local hospitals.

Officer David Beohm of Pennsylvania State Police said that the driver of the tractor trailer driver will probably face at a summary offense, but that will happen after all necessary and relevant information are collected and analyzed.

Terry Houck, who was Northampton County’s first assistant district attorney and a colleague of Rosner for several years in Lehigh County, described the victim as an upright prosecutor and devoted family man.

The fire coming originating from Rosner’s car caused to burn two other cars along the center median. Two people inside were driver, 57-year-old Edward Dearden and passenger 54-year-old Theresa Dearden who were both from York. They were pronounced dead on the scene.

The driver of the other vehicle who was able to escape from the car sustained minor injuries before it was engulfed in flames. Tractor driver Espinvera tried to back-up his rig when he saw the fire, but made situations worse as he dragged Rosner’s car causing his tractor trailer to be engulfed by the flame.

Police said that Espinvera, age 56, resident of Belleville, N.J., was able to run off from the rig before it burst in flames.

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Source: WFMZ Com