Bensalem, PA – An SUV that was stuck along the truck was hit by a Regional SEPTA rail train on the West Trenton line at 5:35 oclock in the afternoon.

According to SEPTA officials, the incident occurred when the SUV that was running near the Neshaminy Falls station along Groove Avenue and Bristol Road in Bensalem, Pa got stuck on the rail. The speed of the Septa line during the crash was 20-25 mph.

Fortunately, no one on board the vehicle was injured while the SUV that was stuck on the rail had no passenger.

After the crash, the 70 train passengers were transferred to shuttle buses to reach their destination. However, train service has to operate on a single track along the area plus delays of around 15-20 minutes at this time.

It was around 6:00 oclock Friday evening near the Neshaminy Falls station when the outbound SEPTA?regional rail train slammed into a vehicle that got caught on the tracks in Bucks County, Pa.

Train passengers reported that they saw a number of young people inside the red SUV?running along the tracks when the vehicle got stuck. The youngsters were able to jump out just before the collision.

Passenger identified as Johnny D. said that he saw the vehicle running along the rail tracks got stuck right before it was hit. The passengers leaped out of the vehicle right before the crash and ran. The train was going pretty fast but the brakes slammed.

SEPTA officials were pleased to report that no one on-board the train was hurt and nobody was injured in the SUV.

No one complained as the passengers were moved to shuttle buses to finish their journey.

The result was a delay of about 20 minutes on outbound service on the West Trenton line.

It was confirmed by authorities that an outbound SEPTA?regional rail West Trenton train has slammed into an SUV that got stuck on the tracks in Bucks County, Pa.

It was around 6:00 oclock in the Friday evening when the incident happened. Before the incident, some of the train passengers saw a group of teens driving the red SUV?along the tracks when it got stuck. The teens jumped out just in time.

Although the train was running 20-25 MPH, it was able to brake after the collision. There was no report of injuries among train passengers and people inside the SUV.

A delay of 20 minutes of outbound service on West Trenton line was reported. All train passengers were transferred to shuttle buses to finish their journey.

Statistics from the Federal Railroad Administration showed that vehicle-train collisions, fatalities and injuries at highway-rail grade crossings are common. In fact, in 2013, there were 2,080 collisions, 251 fatalities and 929 injuries

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Source: CSN Philly Com