Hanover Twp – John Benjamin Ward, age 22 will plead guilty to causing a crash that led to the death of 68-year-old man from Nanticoke last April.

Defense counsel stated that Ward had expressed remorse and will waive his right to a preliminary hearing before District Judge Joseph Halesey in the Luzerne County Court. Ward decided to waive the hearing for charges: (1) homicide by vehicle while DUI; (2) two counts each of driving under the influence; and (3) furnishing liquor to a minor. He further stated that didnt want to put the family through more grief.

According to the Township police and county detectives, the accused showed a BAC of .094 percent including marijuana in his system when he rear-ended his Honda 1996 Civic into a Chevrolet 1998 Cavalier that was operated by driven by Daniel Markowski along Sans Souci Parkway last April 10, 2013.

According to PA laws, an adult driver is considered intoxicated when his blood alcohol content is .08 percent and over.

Investigators learned that Markowski was getting out of the Hampton House parking lot onto the parkway when his car was hit by Wards vehicle that was in the southbound left lane.

Based on record, Ward admitted that he had been racing a friend on a motorcycle when he saw Murkowskis vehicle pulled out in front of him. The impact ejected Markowski from his vehicle that started to roll into a grassy field next to the parkway.

Ward told investigators that he ran over to the other vehicle and saw a man lying face down. He stayed at the scene waiting for the police and the ambulance crews to arrive.

The injured was immediately delivered to the General Hospital of Wilkes-Barre where he died the next morning. An autopsy revealed that the cause of death was multiple traumatic injuries.

Another passenger in Wards vehicle was a 17-year-old girl who sustained minor injuries. She was also treated at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital.

Some Philadelphia residents may remember hearing about the fatal accident that took place in Hanover Township in April 2013. The 22-year-old defendant waived his right to a preliminary hearing before a district judge and intends to plead guilty. His attorney said he did this to avoid causing further grief to the family of the deceased.

DUI investigation allows in its proceedings some degree of negotiation between the prosecutors and defense lawyers. Although not all driving under the influence penalties are liable to dismissal, there is the possibility of mitigating the sentence by recommending for compassion on behalf of the defendant. For instance: the defendant is truly remorseful for his act or he is still young. These factors might work in his favor to reduce his sentence. Prosecutors often offer a sentence reduction in exchange for a guilty plea. If an accused faces a similar situation as this 22-year-old man, his defense lawyer might be able to arrange a deal and alleviate some of the severe penalties.

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Source: Times Leader Com