Fairmont Park – Last Saturday, one man was struck and killed by a city-owned vehicle along the western lanes of the Expressway of Schuylkill near Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia police reported.

The crash took place at around10:00 o’clock in the evening that led to the closure of the highway and caused traffic jam for many miles.

Investigators were not able to clarify if the victim that late Saturday had been walking along the highway or had came down from his broken down car. Due to pending investigation, the police did not divulge his identity.

Police stated that the victim was fatally hit by a truck belonging to the City of Philadelphia along the Schuylkill Expressway.

The incident occurred just after 10:00 o’clock Saturday evening on the west bound road along Schuylkill, just past the Montgomery drive exit.

Police reported that the fatality was a 26-year-old man who was traveling west with this girlfriend along on the expressway in two different vehicles. When the car of his girlfriend became disabled, the victim stopped the rental U-Haul truck he was operating and got off his vehicle. While he was on his way to help his girlfriend, he was hit fatally by a Philadelphia Streets Department vehicle.

The city driver stopped at the scene to assist his victim.

As police continue their investigation, no charges have been filed.

As the main thoroughfare from city center Philly, PA to the County of Montgomery, PA, the Schuylkill Expressway is eventually heads out west towards Harrisburg, PA, and then to Pittsburgh, PA. The highway with its four lanes begins to merge with the Roosevelt Boulevard Extension and ends at I-676 near center city. At the vicinity of the City Avenue exit, the highway becomes two which often leads to congested traffic jams, which are agonizing to commuters.
The highway was not intended to withstand the heavy traffic of flow in Philadelphia, PA and needs to be properly expanded to a minimal four lane highway until it reaches King of Prussia, PA.  Although I-95 is presently being constructed to remedy the traffic flow through the Philadelphia area, nothing is in the work for I-76.  Philadelphia ‘s road manager must look into improving the traffic flow westward as the number of vehicles on the road will continue to increase in time as the commuters to and from the city will be more chaotic then it already is every day. A good traffic scheme would also benefit the economy by providing more jobs.

There is an average of 163,000 vehicles using the road daily in Philadelphia County and an average of 109,000 vehicles using the highway in Montgomery County. It has a paper- thin lane and left shoulder layout, entrances and exits in the left lane which are nicknamed merge or die. Due to many construction activities and generally jammed condition, many accidents, serious injuries and fatalities, happened here that lead to the highway’s humorous nickname to Surekill Expressway or in further embellishment, Surekill Distressway.

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