Police reported that a male senior who was just spoken to in Strawberry Mansion was mercifully dragged by a female driver. Based on authorities, the accident took place at approximately 6:50 o’clock Saturday evening at Thompson and 29th Streets.

According to witnesses, an SUV green mid-size type vehicle, identified possibly as Jeep Cherokee Grand or maybe a Ford, operated by a female pulled up to the curb.

She had a short discussion with the male pedestrian who was about 64 years. The driver suddenly pulled away from the curb while the pedestrian was still holding onto the side of the SUV.

Police stated that the driver did not stop but continued driving towards 29th Street, at the same time dragging the poor pedestrian for about two city blocks before the victim fell off. The driver then fled the scene.

The pedestrian sustained severe injuries from a fractured skull, a broken left leg, and left foot. The victim was delivered to Hahnemann Hospital where he is listed under life-threatening condition.

The police continue their investigation and issuing order to apprehend the DUI operator.

A few days ago, the police released a description of the motorist who hit a pedestrian along Northeast Philadelphia and then fled the scene.

The mishap occurred at about 6:30 o’clock Thursday morning at intersection of Sackett Street and Cottman Avenue. The pedestrian broke both of his legs and was immediately transported to Aria Health/Torresdale Hospital. Medical staff reported that he remains in stable condition.

Police identified the vehicle that struck the victim as a black and white F150 Ford pickup truck having racing stripes, a black cap on the ear with Delaware tags.

The driver of the pickup truck who fled the scene was a black & black clean shaven male. Investigators described him wearing a blue security guard shirt with a Guardian logo.

The truck reported to be seen heading east along Cottman Avenue, then south onward to Rowland. Anyone who will see the suspect or the vehicle is requested to contact Philadelphia Police or call 911.

Four days ago, around six people were injured in a vehicular accident almost at the same section in Strawberry Mansion – Philadelphia.

The wreck took place at about 4:15 o’clock on Wednesday at the corner of Diamond and 25th streets, just in front of Rec Center in Hank Gathers.

Police stated that two vehicles crashed at the corner. Five ambulances rushed to the scene but no info was given on the condition of the injuries in this incident.

Police are still conducting their investigation.

A neighborhood in the city of Philadelphia – Pennsylvania, Strawberry Mansion is located east of Fairmount Park in North Philadelphia. Its population is largely and African-American. The neighborhood is bounded in the west by 33rd Street to the east by 29th Street, to the north by Lehigh Avenue and to the south by Oxford Street. Many accidents happened in Strawberry Mansion as this is a well-populated area.

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