Buckingham Twp., Pa. – Tragedy struck York Road in Buckingham Twp. around 7:30 oclock Friday morning when two people were killed following a fiery? Bucks Countys head-on collision. Officials reported that Nicole B. Ott, age 30, resident of Hatfield and Yan Zou, age 50, resident from Jamison, both died after a fiery and violent mishap.

Investigators used up more than 8 hours to re-create the wreck claimed two lives. According to the police of Buckingham Twp., two vehicles, a Toyota SUV and Lincoln sedan were going in opposite directions along York Road, when for unknown reasons, one drove over the other lane. The vehicles crashed head on and burst into flames.

A witness from the neighborhood, Stuart Abramson, saw 30-feet ball of flames that trapped the drivers. Another neighbor Eugene Lipovetskiy added that the fire was so huge that it hid the view of the cars. Although drivers passing by tried to help, but the flames and heat were too much. They could do nothing but watched helplessly.

Fire Chief Hugh Hager of Midway reported that the two drivers died at the scene. Four men tried to help them but it was just impossible as the cars exploded. The impact was so great and there was no way getting them out. Even if they would have been able to get out from the doors, they probably wouldn’t have been able to escape anyway as both vehicles were so badly damaged. The officers had to use license plate information and vehicle serial numbers to identify the victims.

Lipovetskiy lamented that life is brief but ending it like this could be prevented. York Roads speed limit is 40 MPH and approximately17, 000 vehicles are passing there each day. The record with Penn DOT showed that between 2008 and 2012, only around 16 accidents occurred with zero fatalities and major injuries. Prelim probe revealed that it was clearly speed that played an important factor in Friday’s crash.

The morning wreck along York Road garnered a male and a female victim; identified by the police as Nicole Bereshny and Yan Zou.

Although the firefighters and police quickly responded to the crash but the gasoline-fueled flames kept them away. There were also several people driving by the accident and tried to help the people trapped inside but failed due to the heat and heavy fire.

Stuart Abramson said it was frustrating to watch two people trapped inside the burning vehicle and you could do nothing as the heat was overwhelming.

Due to the wreck, the road was closed for a couple of hours while emergency crews cleared-up the area and prelim investigation was conducted.

So far, the cause of the crash is still being investigated. Anyone who witnessed the incident is request to contact Buckingham Township Police.

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