Thursday morning, the Philadelphia Pike in the Holly Oak-Fox Point was the area where state police are undertaking an investigation concerning a driver who later died, suffered a sudden medical problem before the back-to-back crashes.

Cpl. John Day said that they are just wondering as both crashes happened so close together; both reports came in simultaneously” at 11:28 oclock that morning.

According to the officer, Paul Hare, age 56, resident of Claymont, first hit another vehicle along Philadelphia Pike at Silverside Rd. but he continued driving southward along Philadelphia Pike going at a high rate of speed. This started chain-reaction collision implicating four vehicles and impairing another driver at the corner of Bellevue Parkways and Cauffiel.

The first crash did not injure anyone while the second driver stayed at the scene to await police arrival.

Hare’s car, a Grand 1992 Am, in the second crash, crashed into the back of a minivan that was slowly approaching the intersection.

The impact caused the minivan to slam into the vehicle in front of it as Hare continued running to a SE direction into the NE lanes. It was here that an SUV slammed into its passenger side. Hare was delivered to Christiana Hospital where he expired.

Officer Day identified the van driver as Thibaud Harpey, age 43 and resident of Wilmington. He sustained minor injuries and was treated at Christiana. He was pronounced stable and released.

The two other drivers were not injured.

Day investigated witnesses and they reported that prior to the crash, they did not observe Hare driving erratically. In the second collision, they concurred that there was no indication that Hare slowed down his car or tried to avoid striking the Dodge Caravan.

The way that these two crashes happened is a good indication of a medical problem affecting the driver.

Investigation of the fatal crash is ongoing and police will be examining his medical record to determine the state of his condition that might have triggered his erratic driving probably caused by a sudden-onset health crisis.

The wreck affected traffic as both directions of Philadelphia Pike were closed for almost three hours as the authorities made a spot investigation and wreckage cleared.

Born in 1957, Paul was the son of Harold E. Hare and Elizabeth H. Willoughby. He is survived by his two sons, Dustin E. and Paul J. Hare. His family said Paul has left this life before its time, but he will be amply rewarded with the most precious gift of existence ? a life of eternal bliss.

Pauls friend will remember him in a public viewing on Wednesday, 12th of March 2014, between 6-7 PM at the Joseph A. Ward Funeral Home 1459 Market St. Linwood, PA. Burial will be private.

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