Northeast Philadelphia ? Speed is a killer that is why there is a speed limit in every state. At least one person is dead and another is injured after a crash took place in Northeast Philadelphia.

The accident happened at around 4:30 oclock Sunday morning on the block 9300 along Krewstown Road.

Police reported that a Volkswagen Touareg was traveling at a high rate of speed. The driver, who had a traveling companion, but for unknown reason lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a fire hydrant.

So strong was the impact that the fire hydrant flew towards a parked car. There was a man asleep inside the park parked car at the time. Although, he was startled, luckily, he was not injured.

According to the police, the Volkswagen did not stop but continued running through the parking lot of the Shopping Center of Krewstown. In there, the car hit a dumpster as it commenced non-stop into the drive-thru of the Citizen’s Bank before it finally halted.

When the firefighters arrived, they had to cut both men from the car so medics could give treatment to the victims.

The 23-year-old driver was immediately transported to ambulance to the Aria Health Hospital of Torresdale sustaining broken bones that the medic considered serious.

The 28-year-old passenger was beyond held and pronounced dead at the scene.

Officials coming from Licenses and Inspections arrived to survey how much damage happened to the bank.

Police continued their investigation by talking to witnesses who saw the incident.

Authorities surmised that excessive speed played an important role as the cause of a crash that killed two men from Philadelphia. The driver must have lost control of his car along Remington Rd. at the Penn Wynne section of Lower Merion.

The police were able to identify the two men as Keith A. Phillips, age 25, and Jhamiel Robinson, age 22, both residing in block 600 of North 65th Street in Philadelphia.

Speeding is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents in the United States. Unfortunately, as speeding increases, there is the great chance of a driver losing control of the vehicle. Due to speeding, it is not likely that there will be an extension of the distance it takes for a vehicle to stop after hitting the brakes. This makes it more likely for a collision will occur.

Another add-on to speeding is that it is more likely that the accident will also cause serious or fatal injury. Using mathematic: the greater the speed a vehicle is traveling when it strikes another object or another vehicle, the greater the force and momentum and the stronger the impact of the crash.

It was established that speed played an important factor in the crash killing Fast and Furious star actor Paul Walker and former race car driver Roger Rodas last year.

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