Newark DE ? An early Friday morning car accident claimed the lives of two women in Newark D. E.

Two young sisters were on their way home passing Pike Creek after being done with their shifts at a restaurant in Newark when the car for unknown reason swerved uncontrolled and hit a utility pole.

A scarred utility pole along the Paper Mill Road north of Newark was surrounded with candles that flickered near bouquets of flowers last Friday. This is a commemoration of an early morning one-car crash that killed two sisters who are still in their early 20s.

It was a heart-wrecking scene to see friends weeping openly while Sydney Pensky, age 22, was kneeling at the corner, devastated with grief caused by the tragedy of the two young women – Ashlyn and Devyn Sisson of Pike Creek.

Pensky who resides in Brandywine Hundred stated that the girls were her best friends. They were fellow photography majors at the Delaware Technical Community College and graduated together in 2012.

She related through her tears that Devyn just turned 22 on the 14th of this month while Ashlyn celebrated her 23rd last January 31.

According to State police Cpl. John Day, Ashlyn was driving just north of Paper Mill Road on Del. 72 and was past the corner of Possum Park Road and Milford Crossroads when she was no longer able to control of her Plymouth 2002 Neon. The car went across the low concrete as the car slammed into the pole

The 1:18 oclock incident that morning reported at 1:18 oclock that the two women were pronounced dead at the scene. Since 2000, at least around nine fatalities happened along that area.

Co-worker Morgan Zeisloft of Middletown said the sisters were on their way home after finishing their shift at Newarks Greene Turtle Bar & Grille.

Manager Jerry Mazurowski of the restaurant located at 200 block of S. Main St., said that it was a very sad day and a great loss to their family, the Turtle family, friends and the restaurant. The sisters were great ladies and had been working at the restaurant since it opened on Dec. 26, 2012.

Pensky said that the two girls were much closed to each other and lived together. They were like yin & yan and even had matching tattoos but they had different goals. Ashlyn planned to become a police officer and Devyn aimed to join the Air Force.

Investigation confirmed that the girls weren’t drinking and were definitely sober; they must have driven that road hundreds of times It must have been a sudden roadway emergency. There was no evidence of drugs or alcohol but neither woman was wearing a seat belt.

The road that turns to the east at the Possum Park Road crossing has been the site of a series of fatal accidents.

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Source: Delaware Online