Bensalem, Pa. – Pennsylvania Turnpike had to be shut down for miles following two crucial pileups and many other wrecks that occurred in between.

It was an all-day mess as due to the wreck more than a dozen drivers marooned in the cold. There were more than 50 cars involved in those pileups:

  • After 8:00 oclock during the morning rush, there were crashes reported on Interstate 276. The turnpike between Philadelphia Interchanges and Willow Grove in Bensalem had to be closed;
  • Twenty-seven victims were transported to local hospitals and there were around four sustaining serious injuries; and
  • Commuters claimed that the road was incredibly slick and icy.

A news helicopter taking photos from the air reported that the scene below depicted an auto junkyard looked with more than dozens of vehicles scattered every which way.

One operator identified as Bill Warrin, of Broomall, Pa. stated that their vehicles were moving smoothly at a speed of 50 to 55 MPH but suddenly he saw brake lights. The drivers locked up their wheels, and next thing he knew was the sun glare, the spray from the road, everything hit the commuters all at once. He added it was like the perfect storm, hitting them all at once.

There were dozens of separate wrecks involving a box truck, two 18-wheelers, and several passenger cars.

The three tight lanes of the turnpike have snow walls covering one side and a median Jersey concrete barrier on the other side. As soon as a car starts to crash a vehicle ahead, there was no way to avoid impact.

The ground and the road surface around the area was hard packed with ice that was a left-over of a massive snowstorm that started Wednesday night and continued into Friday morning.

Frank Atkinson, of Furlong, Pa said that drivers were deceived by the condition as it was much icier once you got out of the car. The road seemed like it was slushy maybe, but it didn’t seem like it was icy.

Just two hours before the crash, the Pa. Turnpike Commission lifted its storm-related speed limit and ban on some commercial vehicles. The turnpike spokesman Carl DeFebo said that decision does not let drivers off the hook.

He continued that it is the responsibility of the motorists to monitor the road condition and to adjust their speed according to the driving condition of the road.

A parade of flat-bed tow trucks started appearing by early afternoon and began towing vehicles caught in the mess.

Bruce Gordon of FOX 29s reported that the amount of the damage was much higher compared to the injury toll.

FOX 29s Thalia Perez said that only one of the injured persons was transported to Abington Memorial Hospital who was treated and soon released by Friday night.?Other motorists sustained minor injuries.

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Source: My Fox Philly Com