John Krauland, Jr. age 28, resident of Gibsonia, West Deer Twp. Pa. was killed? when struck by a school bus while driving to work. The victim was identified as loss control coordinator in the Office for Parish Property Planning and Development, Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.

The mishap happened in the Township of Hampton in Allegheny County, PA. At around 7:30 oclock in the morning of Friday, Krauland was driving along on Route 8 when he stopped at a red light. A school bus was negotiating a left turn into East Hardies when it collided with a pick tuck. Without control, the school bus proceeded and crashed into Kraulands Nissan car that was stopping at a red light..

Although the school bus driver was uninjured but the pickup driver was transported to a local hospital sustaining minor injuries. At that time, no students were inside the bus.

Authorities are trying to determine who had the right of way between the pickup truck and the school bus. They have to decide one, or both of them were negligent behind the wheel. They are collecting more info is needed to assess the possibility of filing a lawsuit against either of those drivers that Kraulands family members is in the process of filing.

Fortunately, Pennsylvania does have a kind of required no-fault insurance like Med Pay coverage. It does not require an evidence of negligence because the victims get the money from the insurer. However, Kraulands policy might not have coverage that pays for funeral expenses.

Allegheny County police reported that a school bus was hit by a pickup truck Friday morning and ended up atop of a car that killed the driver inside.

The crash occurred at the corner William Flynn Highway and East Hardies Road at around 7:40 oclock in the morning.

The victim was identified by the medical examiner as John Krauland Jr., age 28, of West Deer Township. He was employed by Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh as a loss control coordinator in the Office for Parish Property Planning and Development since 2011.

David Zubik Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh recalled the dedication of Krauland in looking after the safety of everyone who set foot in any church building or school in the Diocese.

Krauland an alumnus of Slippery Rock University, is survived by his family and Diane, his wife of four years, Diane.

The school bus is the property of Monark Student Transportation that was servicing the District Schools of Pine-Richland. Luckily, there were no students in the school bus.

Police said both drivers would undergo BAC test to determine if alcohol is a factor. The bus driver, uninjured, was placed at the back seat of a police car while the truck driver, wearing a neck brace, was delivered by ambulance to a local hospital.

Investigation of the crash continues.

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