Early Monday morning was bad luck for a woman from St. Petersburg who died after her minivan crashed and was submerged in a retention pond located off 28th St. N. in the vicinity of Roosevelt Boulevard.

St. Petersburg police identified the deceased as Jennifer Wolfe, age 35. She was on her way home from the Wal-Mart store at Pinellas Park. At around 12:36 o’clock that morning, she was cruising north along 28th St. N, when for unknown reasons, she continued running straight despite the fact that the road veered right.

The vehicle struck the median including the metal sign post as it transverse toward the southbound lanes and continued to the western side of the road. The vehicle did not stopped but continued running down an embankment and dove right into a retention pond.

Due to the momentum, the van was carried towards the north end of the pond, and it began sinking.

Wolfe was able to call 911 but the phone was disconnected and attempts to call back were unsuccessful. Officials stated that 911 operators were not able to speak to Wolfe so the precise location of the call was undetermined.

However, Wolfe was able to call her husband, James, and informed him that she had been run off the road by another car and was in the water off 28th Street.

James answering his phone heard water lapping in the background of his wife’s distressed voice. That was the last time he talked to her.

He contacted 911 at 12:57o’clock that morning and drove to the site, along with units from the Pinellas Park Police Department and Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

A helicopter sent by the police spotted the fully submerged in the pond at 1:36 o’clock that morning. Officers and a deputy got the victim out of the water but she was fully unconscious. The emergency crews performed CPR on her before taking her to Northside Hospital, where she died.

James Wolfe was hoping that she was going to get out as he knew she was a pretty smart woman not one to just panic and freeze.

Wolfe stated that his wife was in nursing school and was very happy being a student and mother to their two sons, ages 9 and 11.

Wolfe mentioned that his wife was a wonderful mom who was always volunteering at the school and they coached football. His wife was his assistant coach for she loved to get out there with the kids. He could not imagine that this tragedy was for real.

Police divers were surprised when they entered the water for they discovered that the van was sitting on top of another vehicle that had been in the pond for some time. The authorities said that the other empty vehicle in the pond was not connected to the incident.

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Source: TBO. Com