Philadelphia – It is not uncommon for an out-of control vehicle to enter an establishment. So it was not surprising that a car slammed into a dunkin’donut store in NE Philly last Tuesday morning. The result was one injured person taken to the local hospital.

According to the police, the illegal entry took place at the Dunkin’ Donuts located along block 8900 in Frankford Ave.

A chopper was over the scene and it showed that a car crashed through a side glass window of the store. The impact also hit and demolished part of the concrete wall.

Responding officers immediately transported the driver to the Aria Health’s Torresdale Hospital. Fortunately, he was conscious and in stable condition and there was no report of other injuries.

An investigation is on-going to determine the cause of the crash..

The saga of cars crashing into stores and shops continues when drivers lost control of their vehicles for varied reasons.  In fact, a few days ago, in Tredyffrin Twp., Pa., four people were transported to the hospital after a car crashed into a Famous Footwear store in Chester County.

The incident took place at about 6:00 o’clock in the evening of Tuesday at the Shopping Center at Gateway located in block 200 along E. Swedesford Rd.

Five customers shopping inside the Famous Footwear and onlookers froze with fear after an old man, age 75, drove through the front of the store and continued running and hitting shoppers along the way.

Berwyn Fire Department Chief, Eamon Brazunas said that the people inside the store were pinned between the wall and front of the car.

To rescue just a single customer, firefighters used up 20 minutes. Another man and one store employee were injured after they were struck by flying debris. Three  people and the driver who sustained injuries were delivered to Paoli Hospital.

Mary Guyer, who was having dinner with some friends in a restaurant near-by, saw the entire episode. She said there were ambulances, fire engines and everything was in confusion. People were standing around and wondering what was happening.

Guyer said that there was sort of chaos and while she was having dinner in Panera Bread with some friends where she was to meet her son working in the Famous Footwear. She was shocked when she finally found her son whose face from bleeding from the flying debris. She was thankful that wounds were superficial and does not need any hospitalization after it was treated by the emergency crew.

One of the seriously injured victims remained under observation and was made to remain in the hospital. Two others have been treated and released.

An investigation of the accident is still ongoing before the guilty person will be filed charges.

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