Collingdale Pa. – A $3,000 reward is up for information on a hit- and -run incident in Delaware County. From $2,000, the amount was increased.

A week ago, man, age 58, died after he was hit by a car at the intersection of Spruce Street and Clifton Avenue in Collingdale.

Identified by authorities as Timothy McCaughan, he was a father of three with two grandchildren and another one coming.

Surveillance video caught the rampaging vehicle that appeared to be an early model 2000 of Chevy Suburban of light color with rectangular shaped headlights. Authorities affirmed that the vehicle as damage on its orange plastic light assembly.

The police surmised that the driver must be around 6’2”, stocky build. With short curly hair & close cut full beard wearing a red colored jacket.

Officials first announced a $2,000 reward for information on the hit and run. But after a week, the amount was increased to $3,000.

Del County authorities are after a driver who killed a pedestrian in Collingdale and then fled the scene. Collingdale police identified the fatality as Timothy McCaughan, age 58.
Christopher McCaughan , the victim’s brother, said that Timothy was a great guy, a good father, a caring grandfather and a loving husband.

A witness saw the incident and told the police that the driver stopped for a while, made a comment, then returned into the SUV and fled. He was lat seen heading southward to Clifton Avenue.
Chief Robert Adams of Collingdale Police Department was told by the witness that she was behind the vehicle and saw the entire accident. She was calling 911 when she saw him stopped, got out of the car, looked down at the victim, got back in the car and then fled.

The victim was immediately rushed to Crozer Chester Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Authorities described the driver to possibly be wearing a red colored jacket, about 6’2” with stocky build having short curly hair and close cut full beard.

McCaughan said that the driver should act like a man and turn himself in. he should show respect for human life.

The vehicle involved in the crash was an early model 2000 light colored Chevy Suburban that maybe light gray or tan with rectangular shaped headlights. The vehicle must be damaged at its orange plastic light assembly.

A surveillance video from a nearby residence was able to get a still frame of the SUV the suspect was driving.

In the meantime, a family and friends of the victim mourn a terrible loss. McCaughan said that the deceased cared so much about people that he is willing to take his shirt off his back for them.
Chief Adams said that even a little piece of the puzzle is probably adequate to solve the accident.
The police was calling witnesses to report any information to the Collingdale Police Department at anytime.

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Source: Philadelphia CBS Local Com