Cumberland Valley Township Pa. – Authorities reported that a tour bus crashed in SW Pennsylvania that caused the injury of more than 20 passengers.

Kathy Rogers, spokesperson of the Western Maryland Health Systems stated that 15 patients were delivered to the health center with three sustaining minor injuries. The injured are expected to be treated and released soon.

The spokesperson of UPMC Bedford Susan Manko said that 10 patients were transported to the hospital. Suffering from minor injuries, they were treated and released soon after. A male victim was reported sustaining serious injuries but medical staff just treated him and was allowed to go home after. However, there was one person who refused treatment.

According to the State police, the accident took place at around 2:20 oclock in the afternoon along Route 220 at the vicinity of Black Walnut Farm Road in Cumberland Valley Township. This place is about nine miles from the Maryland border. Meanwhile, State police are continuing their investigating of the crash.

Based on report, the victims ages ranged from 49 to 70 years old. The tour bus that crashed in southwestern Pennsylvania Sunday had been travelling too fast along a snow-covered road. It resulted to sending more than 20 passengers to the hospital sustaining minor injuries.

State police stated that at around 2:20 oclock in the afternoon, the bus driver identified as Terrence Harold Shultz, age 65, lost control of the bus and crashed into an embankment on Route 220 in Cumberland Valley Township that was about five miles away from the Maryland border.

There were reports that the bus was traveling at a speed that was greater than is reasonable and prudent for the road condition; however, this was not confirmed by the officials. They did not confirm how fast the bus was traveling.

From the 33 bus passengers, 26 passengers were taken to two hospitals in the area. All but three sustained minor injuries that were treated and released soon after, hospital officials said.

The operator of the bus was Freedom Excursions in Altoona who stated that the vehicle on its way towards the Casino Resort in Rocky Gap located in western Maryland.

Spokeswoman Kathy Rogers of the Health Systems of Western Maryland said that out of the 15 patients brought there only three had minor injuries and they were all expected to receive treatment and released soon after.

Based on the record of UPMC Bedford spokesperson Susan Manko, there was 10 patients treated and later released from the hospital while one person refused treatment.

Director of emergency services for Bedford County David Cubbison stated that twenty-five EMS units coming from four counties responded to call from the crash site.

Cubbison said that it was snowing all day and several accidents across the county throughout the afternoon were reported.

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