Two hospitals in Geisinger are named defendants of a medical malpractice lawsuit filed by Alane Cragle whose daughter died last April. Both hospitals were accused of negligence that led to the death of her daughter, Jessica Gensel, age 26 and resident Salem Township, after a severe hemorrhage of the brain.

Lawyers for the plaintiff said that her daughter was repeatedly asking for treatment after she suffered from massive vomit-inducing headaches two weeks prior to her death, but she was discharged by the hospital several times.

According to the lawsuit filed, the hospital staff failed to detect and remedy a blood clot that was entirely treatable forming inside the patients brain.

The Philadelphia injury lawyer handling the case said that the uncontrolled hemorrhage was caused by a severe brain herniation that led to Jessica Gensel’s tragic and horrific death.

Lawsuits were filed against: the Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, the Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center in Plains Township, the Geisinger Health System, and Dr. Mark Harshany an off-site radiologist Ohio-based Radisphere. Plaintiff attorneys claimed that the Dr. misread the initial CT scan performed on the patient.

A mother of two, Jessica Gensel, reported and was discharged from the hospitals for many times starting March 19 until her death. She entered the emergency room of Medical Center Geisinger of Wyoming Valley on March 22 at 9:23 oclock in the morning, due to painful throbbing headaches. The suit says that after barely an hour and 17 minutes, the patient was discharged without giving any neurological exam.

After a few days, Gensel was admitted in the Berwick Hospital emergency room and was delivered by their ambulance to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville. After staying for three-day stay, she was released on March 26, even if she was still complaining of blurred vision, difficulty in balancing, dizziness, lack of feeling in her limbs, ringing in her ears, throbbing headaches, tremors and weakness.

Despite these symptoms, the patience was discharged. Hospital staff advised her to continue outpatient treatment which made no mention of consulting with any Geisinger doctors, but only with case managers and pharmacists.

On April 1, Gensel was rushed back to Geisinger Medical Center where she expired later that day from an irreversible brain damage. Her cause of death was called intracerebral hemorrhage.

The allegations stated in the lawsuit was similar to another medical malpractice case against Geisinger last month regarding the demise of Dr. Jennifer Sidari, 26, of West Pittston, who also died of brain hemorrhaging after seeking treatment for headaches.

A spokesman for Geisinger did not respond Wednesday to a request for comment.

Lawsuit of Cragle alleges the following: (1) three counts of negligence; (2) one count each of corporate negligence; (3) wrongful death; and (4) damages under the survival act. Plaintiff is seeking a minimum of $50,000 including interest and costs on each count that totals to around $300,000.

Filed in Luzerne County Court, the plaintiff seeks a jury trial in the case.

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Source: Citizens Voice Com?