Holmesburg – One man is dead as authorities are investigating Philadelphia police officer after an accident occurred in Holmesburg.

The happening was actually a compounded tragedy for everyone involved.

Facing criminal charges for the accident is a respected officer that followed a few days after his ex-wife was buried. The accident had another family grieving for a terrible loss.

Wednesday morning, the media wanted to interview the police officer who was at his home but he gave no comment about the pending charges.

According to reliable source, the police officer was driving his Dodge silver Challenger when it T-boned a van. Witnesses said that a few hours before the accident, they saw the police officer at a Waterfront café in Torresdale. So a warrant was served to café as they refused to give the video in Torresdale. Authorities wanted to verify the allegation.

Witnesses stated that the office had a young woman companion who later rode in his car but sustained no injuries in the Fatal Philadelphia accident.

Investigators asked the café for the video footage but they refused so police had to secure a warrant.

Authorities were able to secure video footage from business establishments along State Road. The video contained recorded footage of the officer’s vehicle, a Dodge Challenger that was passing through before the accident.

The mishap took place at about 11:40 o’clock. Saturday evening along the intersection of Ashburner Street and North road in Holmesburg.

The driver of the van who died due to his injuries  Tuesday morning was identified as David Farries, age 55.

Pending result of investigation, the media is not identifying the officer because he has not been charged with anything yet. But sources revealed that during the crash, the BAC was over the limit.

According to reports gathered, two weeks ago, the officer’s ex-wife, who was also an officer suffered an aneurysm attack and succumbed four days later. Then, two days following the funeral, the officer was involved in this crash.

Since no charges have been filed, the Farries family is outraged. Daughter Nicole Pirrone said that if the case was vice versa, her dad would now be languishing in jail.

David Farries a home grown Kensingtian, is survived byfour daughters and seven grandchildren. They were unanimous in saying that he was the ultimate caregiver who took care of everybody in his life.

Widow of the victim, Tammy Farries said that it seemed wrong that her husband is leaving the world in a car accident. It feels so devastating and awful; it is even unimaginable.

The suspect and his recently dead ex-wife had three children who lost their mother a few days ago and whose father is now facing the possibility of a long jail term.

Charles Ramsey who is Police Commissioner, said that he is on top of developments and that the investigators are waiting for the result of toxicology test taken from both the officer and the victim. The State Police are retrieving vehicle data from the officer’s car.

Ramsey assured the public that although the case involved a police officer, they are treating the case like any other. They will turn over the case to the district attorney after charges are warranted.

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Source: ABC Local Go Com