This morning, an Appoquinimink school bus traveling along U.S. 13 near Townsend was plowed at the rear by an SUV that injured 5 children and its driver.

The school bus crash?happened at about 7:55 oclock in the morning at the southbound lanes along Main Drive, near the entrance of the community mobile homes in Frederick Lodge mobile home.

Michael Crum, who lives in the community, was at the bus stop with his 10-year-old son Michael, a fourth-grader when he saw the collision.

Witnesses stated that the bus halted with its lights flickering and its arm out when a car was swerving right as its drivers side front plunged underneath the bus.

His wife, Melissa Crum, screamed for the kids in line to get on the bus or run; as they all scampered out of the way of the SUV who was careening across the lawn.

There was a boy who was right in the SUVs path and got hit; it sent him up on the hood. When the SUV stopped, the boy was under a tire and crawled out.

The bus involved in the crash was No. 90, which ferries students to Old State Elementary School.

Human resources director for the school district, Matt Fallis said that one student was delivered to Christiana Hospital while four others were transported to the ER of Middletown.

State police Cpl. John Day identified the SUV operator as Curtis Morris, age 43 and resident of Smyrna. Under critical condition, he was taken by ambulance to Christiana Hospital. The bus driver was not injured and remained on the scene after the accident.

The district informed parents that injuries of the students were not life-threatening and they will be home before bedtime.

Michael Crum recalled that his son just got on the bus and was walking towards his seat when the bus got hit. The impact sent Michael flying that banged up his knee pretty bad.

A resident of the mobile home community, Dexter Henderson stopped at the residence of the Crum to see how Michael was doing.

Witnesses saw that after the accident, the SUV driver was spitting up blood in his vehicle since the roof has caved in.

Melissa Crum said that they had already complained to the school district of the dangers at that stop. She said that one of them goes with the children to the bus stop every day.

Michael Crum said that the bus drivers had the children lined up by the highway to get to the bus but he found the place too dangerous so their children wait at the mailbox. Four children of the couple are using three separate buses to get to them to their schools.

Day said that they are continuing their investigation of the crash.

Due to the mishap, the southbound lanes and one northbound lane were closed until 10:25 oclock in the morning.

Police reported that there were other minor accidents in the area as traffic backed up, but no injuries were reported.

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