Philadelphia – It was a night in the Philly’s Lawndale section that a number of cars were ablaze which police considered to be done by arsonists.

The torching incident took place at 3:55 o’clock in the morning Block 500 tiny open lot along Gilham St. nearby Rising Sun Ave.

Crews responded to a call and arrived to see flames erupting from the four parked cars. Police identified the vehicles as: (1) Cadillac Escalade; (2) Chrysler 300; (3) Ford sedan; and (4) Ford SUV. All the cars were vintage  between 2000 and 2005.

Wondering what caused the conflagration, firefighters immediately set to work as they started dousing the flames checking to ascertain that there was no one in the vehicles, which they found all empty.

Prelim probing indicated that the first cars caught and the flames spread towards the two other vehicles.

Investigators are investigating what started the fires, but authorities believed that the incident is not accidental but looked as if fire was started intentionally. To make the investigation thorough, a K-9 unit was fetched to the scene to check and sniff around the burnt remains of the cars as they try detecting any ignitable fluids that may have started the flame.

Police will be using surveillance footage from cameras located nearby businesses to find out any evidence can help in this case.

It might have been a case of arson when four cars were set on fire in the Lawndale section of the city overnight.

Early Thursday morning, four cars might have been intentionally set to fire in the Lawndale section of the city.

Police reported that at first two of the cars were ablaze on the Block 500 in Gilham St. After the two vehicles was alighted, the fire spread to the other two cars.

No person was injured and only the four cars were damaged by the fires.

The fire marshal arrived on the scene bringing dogs as he was trying to piece together exactly what took place.

Police identified the cars as: Cadillac 2004; Chrysler 3000, Ford Explorer 2004 and Mercury Sable 2002. The authorities learned that noneof the cars were owned by people living around he block.

As of now, the police are searching for the owners of the vehicles.

After several vehicles went up in flames, police are trying to figure out the origin of the fire.

The conflagration occurred along Gilham St. Block 500 in Lawndale early in the morning.

Police found four cars on fire and the firemen quickly put out the flames.

With the fire marshal is on the scene with an arson dog, the case will soon be solved.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small commented that it was fortunate that no person was injured. But investigation is ongoing because four cars parked do not usually catch fire for no apparent reason.

Firemen are present in the scene working to investigate the burning.

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