Lawrence Twp.? A horrific accident happened on Route 1 in Lawrence Township that claimed the lives of two children and a woman which until now has not been yet identified.

Last Friday, three people died after an accident involving two vehicles; a tractor-trailer and a vehicle in Mercer County.

Three people were killed and they were trapped inside an SUV that was wedged below?a tractor trailer. The fatalities included two children: one nine-year-old?buy and a baby boy.

Police are trying to determine if the tractor-trailer driver has been making an illegal turn that led to the crash.

The upper part of the SUV was nearly cut-off due to the impact of the collision. Of the five people inside the SUV, three were killed: a woman and two children.

Rescuers?worked hurriedly to save the two other passengers s inside the SUV.

It was just a few minutes after 6:30 oclock in the evening that the accident happened in Lawrence Twp.

The police learned that both vehicles were going southbound on R- 1 when the tractor-trailer operator made a left hand turn, that effectively blocked the lane at the cross road of Darrah Lane.

A sign was placed indicating that no left hand turns was allowed.

The father, age 24, who was the driver, as well as an eight-year-old female passenger were immediately delivered to an area hospital where they are listed in soon listed in stable condition.

After the police talked to the driver of the tractor trailer, they learned that the speed of the SUV played a role in the fatal crash.

The SUV, running on top speed, struck the side of a tractor trailer along R- 1 at the Darrah Lane around 6:30 oclock in the evening Friday night. It resulted to the death of a 3-month-old and a 9-year-old who were trapped inside the vehicle when it the SUV was wedged beneath the truck. Two other passengers in the car sustained injuries and were treated in the hospital.

While the hospital; were conducting their investigation, the road was closed for about four hours.

The passengers did not tell the police how they were related with each other. The driver of the tractor was not injured in the crash.

Angelo Onofri who is the 1st Assistant Mercer County Prosecutor said that the video tape from surveillance camera will be reviewed to determine if the truck was making an illegal U-turn from the southbound side to the northbound side when it was struck by the SUV.

It was such a pathetic sight as there were stuffed animals and toys strewed all over the highway as rescue crews were working for more than an hour to get fatalities out of the SUV. A witness said it broke his heart to see members of the family arriving at the scene crying looking at the aftermath of the wreck.

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