Merion Station ? Another vehicle slammed into a store that caused some damages to the business. Thursday morning, a pickup truck crashed through the frontage of a popular deli located in Lower Merion Twp.

The vehicle, for unknown reasons, crashed through the front window of Hymie’s Deli. For residents of the area, Hymies Deli is a legendary Main Line restaurant located on Montgomery Ave.

The mishap took place a little after 5:45 oclock in the morning when a pickup truck crashed into the dining room at Hymie’s Merion Delicatessen at Block 300 at Montgomery Ave. in Merion Station.

The restaurant was still closed but three employees were already inside preparing for the days activities, including Harry Zeisler who is the store manager.

Zeisler said that he heard a very loud sound similar to an explosion. He added that he then saw lots of smokes and even smelt fumes from the scene. He then saw an injured person who came staggering from the vehicle with blood on his face.

The clean-up of the area was done immediately that morning. Store clients would still see skid-marks where the pickup driver of the red truck lost control and swerved towards the storefront.

An employee immediately dialed 911. Meanwhile Zeisler look after the comfort of the driver by making him sit on a bench and wiping blood off his fact.

When 911 responders arrived, they transported the driver to Pennsylvania University Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Employees from the nearby Liberty gas station said that they are customers of Hymies as it is a very popular restaurant, almost a legend for their fine service. Hey said it was a lucky day that the accident happened early and that no customers were inside the place. Otherwise, it would have been a serious tragedy.

Police are conducting an investigation to find out what may have caused the driver to lose control.

Police confirmed that a pickup truck crashed through the front window of popular and legendary Main Line restaurant, the Hymie’s Deli, located at Montgomery Ave. that morning. Employees of Hymie informed the authorities that the mishap took place at 5:47 oclock in the morning. It was fortunate that no one was inside the restaurant so no one was injured.

The operator of the truck was transported by an ambulance to the hospital. The restaurant was closed for the rest of the day, but will be open in the morning tomorrow at regular business hours.

Probably some customers would not be around fearful of another accident but they expect to be at almost full capacity as usual. In a good business, it takes more than a wayward pickup to stop a restaurant that’s been kicking ass since the 50’s. Customers who frequent Hymie’s were glad to report that the pickle bar was not damaged whatsoever.

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