A liability lawsuit was initiated by a man from Armstrong County against an apartment building and the housing authority managing the building that caused his father’s death last winter. The victim was a man, age 93, who was cleaning snow off his car after a snowstorm in late December. The man was cleaning his car in the parking lot of an apartment building under the operation of the Westmoreland County Housing Authority.

As the elderly man was brushing off the snow from his car, he slipped on a patch of ice inside the parking lot and he fell to the ground. In the process, he hit his head fracturing his skull and caused his death later in the day. The son of the man who is one of the executors of his estate has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

Due to his father’s death after falling on ice at a Westmoreland County apartment building, an Armstrong County man has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in connection with the incident.

Plaintiff is identified as Anthony Cocco resident of Kiski Township who claimed that the Westmoreland County Housing Authority and the McMurtry Towers that operates the building were negligent in removing ice from a sidewalk that led to the death of his father, Dominick P. Cocco, age 93.

Solicitor Gene Ferace of the Housing authority said that he had not seen the complaint, but informed that claims for wrongful death are handled by an insurance company.

The lawsuit described that Dominick Cocco, who was a resident of the McMurtry Towers, was cleaning his snow-covered vehicle in the parking lot on Dec. 28 when he slipped on ice and fell. After striking his head, he suffered a fractured skull and succumbed the same day.

Anthony Cocco, who acts as co-administrator of his father’s estate, seeks the amount of $30,000 in damages suit.

In Pennsylvania court, claimants are given two years from date of slip and fall accident to file a case in court. Called the statute of limitations, the two-year time limit usually begins running on the date of the slip and fall accident. If the case is not brought to court within two years, the court will almost certainly refuse to hear the case at all.

For the state of Pennsylvania, the two-year time limit for slip and fall cases is only applicable to a lawsuit filed in court. It has no effect on how long the suit is filed with an insurance company after the accident occurs. However, it is advisable to file any insurance claim as soon as the slip and fall occurred. Waiting too long, the time on the two-year “window” to file a lawsuit may expire that will deprive the  chance to take the matter to court — or to make a believable threat to do so — if settlement negotiations go badly.

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