West Philadelphia — Investigators reported that a car being pursued by the police resulted to fiery multi-vehicle crash last Monday night in W Philly.

Commuters were able to see charred wreckage of a vehicle at the intersection of Delaney and 53rd along Spruce.

One resident who was at home said that he heard a loud boom so he ran down to the street. He was greatly bothered because the explosion was so loud.

At around 9:00 o’clock that morning, police officers noticed that Town Lincoln Car running on Walnut St. matched the description of a robbery vehicle wanted two months before.

As soon as the police beacon lights were on, the driver fled and in the process his vehicle hit a taxi and that taxi collided with two other cars.

Then the Lincoln crashed into a tree and the driver lost control. The car started a tail spin and flipped over, as it ejected the two men before it finally burst into flames.

One resident gave a sigh of relief there were no people or kid about on the street. If there were somebody could have gotten hurt. Just look at the damage that was started by one car driven by an errant driver.

There were four parked cars which were damaged as it was just at the spot where the car of the suspect landed. Two were totally damaged.

One owner of the car that was damaged, Enoch Humphrey said that his car just got out of the shop and he will go back to step one  with his damaged car.

Police admitted that they found two handguns near the suspects. He was just thankful that despite the havoc, only few people were hurt.

The two suspects both on their 20s, were transported to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in critical condition.

There were seven people transported to the hospital after police stopped the vehicle that caused the rampage.

An unidentified witness said that she was just about 15 feet away from the scene of the crash.

She said that the first car crashed at 53rd and Spruce while the next three cars was smashed at Delancey and 53rd.

The two suspects were the men ejected from their vehicle. One car that was struck also burst into flame.

Witness told police that as he was walking away from the fiery vehicle, he heard an explosion.

The suspects were delivered to the local hospital where they are sustaining currently injuries. Police added that there were five other people, including the cab driver, who sustained minor injuries.

Police stated they picked two guns on the ground beside the suspects after the crash.

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