Philadelphia ? An explosion of natural gas destroyed a row house in the process of renovation. Injured were about eight people with their three children after blast in Philadelphia last Monday. The explosion caused three houses to collapse and at least 70 homes were evacuated.

The office of Philadelphia Michael Nutter said that one man was severely burn and listed in the hospital under critical condition and a child was brought to the hospital sustaining minor injuries.

The mayor’s office said that firefighters used special gadgets to search the rubble to ensure that no one remained trapped.

Melanie McCottry who is utility spokesperson said that a strong smell of natural gas was reported by residents after the explosion so the crews of Philadelphia Gas Works closed the gas supply of the area.

Emergency workers and firefighters were trying to clear at least 15 feet of rubble and debris that spread onto the street from the collapsed home.

Diane Schaffer, a resident of the neighborhood said the odor of gas had spread all through the area from Monday morning. Fearing effect of gas, she placed her son and a neighbor’s daughter in her car and fled the area.

Schaffer said that as she was about to leave, she heard a guy asking for help and as she was about to stop and give assistance, she saw two guys running towards the victim so it was OK to speed off with the children.

It was recalled that a month ago, a building of four- stories under demolition in the city collapsed and killed six people & injured 14 as the structure collapsed right into the Thrift Store of the Salvation Army just beside the house that buried shoppers in the store in debris.

Philadelphia explosion which happened today destroyed at least three houses and injured eight people who were transported to area hospital. One was sustaining life-threatening injury.

The blast happened in one of the row homes in South. Philly at around 11:00 oclock in the morning. Authorities learned that the home was being remodeled and it has a legal construction permit. City authorities said that although they are continuing their circumstances; they are still being investigated the cause of the explosion which appeared to be due to natural gas. Witnesses noticed a strong odor of gas immediately after the explosion.

The explosion damaged the home that was under construction and destroyed two adjacent row homes that partially collapse. There were eight people delivered to various area hospitals in Philly. They were treated for injuries following the blast. One of the victims was in critical condition due to severe burns. Other seven victims were a family of three with their two-month-old baby who suffered burns.

City admin reported that by 1:00 oclock in the afternoon, the situation was completely controlled but remain evacuated were several homes within the vicinity. Authorities reported that residents in damaged homes were all accounted for, but that they would continue checking the area to guarantee that everyone was safe.

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