Early Sunday morning, a hit-and-run driver of a Cherokee silver Jeep is now the object of the search by the accident in Philadelphia Police after the vehicle hit eight women who were outside Studio 98 nightclub in the city’s Bustleton section.

According to the police, the incident started after a woman was thrown out of the bar for fighting with another woman over a guy, as related by one of the bouncers.

Then another fracas started outside when the woman kicked out got into the Jeep and plowed into the crowd before taking off.

Witnesses said that some were able to get out of the way but eight women were not and they were hurt.

Two victims were in critical condition and transported toTorresdale Hospital in Frankford while the other six are in listed under stable condition. AID and Northeast Detectives are doing their investigation.

The bouncer said that he recognized the female driver that struck the victims as she is a frequent member of the club, but did not know her name. The manager of the club declined giving information on its members.

The fracas took place at Studio 98, a club located at 9800 block along Bustleton Ave.

One of the witnesses described a terrifying scene that happened just before 3:00 o’clock in the morning ensuing from a a.m. after a fight that started inside the club and was continued into the parking lot of the strip mall.

For Michelle Johnson, the scene was criminal, something you don’t think could happen in actual life,.

Nicole Brandofino, one club patron, said that when she came out, she saw bodies all over. Brandofino said that there were so many crowds as four birthday parties celebrated inside. She said that none of her friends were involved as they only came out after the hit-and-run.

The 7th Police District was located less than a block away and they assisted the emergency crews in delivering the nine females to the hospital. Injured were transported to both Nazareth Hospital and Aria Health Torresdale suffering from various complaints. One was listed in serious condition and was transferred from Aria to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Willie, one of the bouncers in the club, related that a woman who was fighting inside was kicked out by bouncers. She went to the parking lot and got into a silver Jeep Cherokee.

Police mentioned that they saw men and women inside that jeep when the driver hit eight women standing outside and then she took off.

Willie said that there was a great commotion in the club where everybody were talking about shooting each other and fighting. It was all a man that women were fighting about.

That Saturday night, a group of Brazilian musicians were hired to put on a show and the performers were waiting for their cue wondering if their scheduled performance would happen and later the show was canceled.

That vehicle of the enraged woman was last seen driving towards the north from the parking lot and then staroght to Bustleton Avenue.

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