Early Wednesday, six people were killed and more a dozen or more people were trapped under the rubble after a demolished vacant building collapsed onto a thrift store in Philadelphia.

Michael Nutter of Philadelphia stated late Wednesday night that five women and one man were killed in the collapse.

Michael Reznik, the public safety director for the city said that a woman, age 61, buried under the debris was discovered alive and transported to a local hospital,

For the whole night, the authorities continued their search and rescue crews .

The mayor said it is not known how many more people were actually inside the store during that time and a more active search and rescue are continued.

Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers reported that dogs are utilized in the effort, which they are going to continued a few more days. He said that the operation is very tedious.

In the afternoon of Wednesday, out of the 13 people confined in the area hospitals, five had already been released.

The demolished building fell right onto the Salvation Army Thrift Store located right next door with such a loud and ominous rumble.

Jordan McLaughlin of the neighborhood said that he felt a great shake that that he was aware that the building fell over lots of people that their screams could be heard.

McLaughlin said that he was able to help at least two victims out of the building. Some bystanders and construction workers also assisted around four or five others to escape out of the building after the collapse

Patrick Glynn said that he and others? hoisted rocks and debris to help people out of the rubble.

For Glynn, he knew that for weeks the building was really about to collapse as bricks were already falling off. He knew one day something was going to give.

Another witness, identified as Ari Barker, said that he was in his office across the street when he heard strange and loud rumbling and from his window, he saw dust easing from the debris. His first thought was a terrorist attack.

According to the police, the collapse was described as an industrial accident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration said that it was an accident at a demolition site, and it is being investigated.

Nutter said that there is no violations, no complaints that we’re aware of, and all permits were valid.

The statement coming from the Salvation Army said that there a disaster response team sent to the site and was asking that the public to say prayers ?for its employees, customers and others involved in the collapse.

The Philadelphia’s Center City neighborhood was the collapse occurred was one of the most traveled areas. Nearby is the Mutter Museum that is a popular tourist destination that houses medical oddities.

Due to the accident, the museum would be closed until further notice. Although, the building itself was not damaged but the police were using its facilities as the base of their rescue operation.

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Source: Edition CNN COM