May 02, 2013

WHITPAIN TWP., Pa. – At least the police were able to identify the operator of the operator who played a major role in a dramatic car accident. It was an ugly two-vehicle accident ending with the car sandwiched between the tractor-trailer and the concrete median center. The wreck occurred on Pennsylvania Turnpike that is busy stretch at the Northeast Extension (I-476) in Montgomery County.

It was 7:45 0’clock in the morning of Thursday when the mishap took place in the NE Extension of the southbound lanes at 24.8 mile post in Whitpain Twp.

Authorities identified William Kishbaugh, age 49 and resident of Wapwallopen, Pa. as the operator of the tractor trailer. The driver disregarded the post sign instructing all trucks to pass through the left lane only.

After the tractor trailer disregarded to follow the sign, its right front bumper struck a concrete barrier that was located at the right shoulder of the highway; this happ0ened after Kishbaugh was no longer able to control his rig. Swerving into the left lane, he collided with a Honda Civic that was operated by Kristen Maehrer age 22 and resident of Allentown, Pa.

The impact propelled the Honda to the center concrete median barrier. The car overturned once and landed into its right side but was wedged tightly between the barrier and the tractor trailer. The side of the driver was facing upward.

Maehrer was airlifted by medical helicopter to the Hospital of Lehigh Valley Hospital sustaining non-life-threatening injuries. Kishbaugh was delivered by ambulance to the Hospital of Mercy Suburban sustaining minor injuries.

Both directions of traffic were closed for several hours but lanes were soon reopened at10:30 o’clock in the morning.

There was no immediate word what charges, if any, might be filed.

Montgomery County required all commercial truck drivers to have an additional license plus other requirements; this was for additional reason for safety. Authorities envisioned that the potential damage and catastrophic personal injury of any tractor-trailer accident might be the worst type of motor accidents compared to the others. Because of their gigantic sizes, trucks that overturned during an accident will block the highway traffic for hours, that might led  to multiple pile-ups, adding serious or fatal injuries to other motorists.

There were many issues that must be taken as top concerns illustrated by Pennsylvania crash between a tractor and a car. The first is that truck-trailer accident took place in the morning which was one of the busiest times at the  Penn Turnpike as every motorist is rushing to work. The second was the fact that the 49-year-old truck driver was not able to see or deliberately ignored paying attention to the traffic signs that was instructing all trucks going to the south to pass only at the left lane of the turnpike.

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