Slip and fall can be prevented easily. There is no need to buy expensive equipment. Al it takes is some diligence and common sense. For business owners who have employees or clients going in and out of the work place, it is important that the safety of these people is ensured. This will make workplace and home safer and save you money in terms of medical bills.

  • Correct Problems Immediately

Floors that are wet can cause slips. The same is true for wires, toys lying around or chipped floors which can cause stumbles. When these problems are spotted, they should be corrected immediately. Wet floors should be mopped, wires delegated to sides and corners and toys stored properly. The basic principle here is to clean as you go. As soon as you notice possible obstructions, remove right away. Kids and staff should also do the same. If it’s at work and there are maintenance staff, the too should also be instructed to clear or repair any obstruction, protrusions or structural damage which could contribute to a slip and fall accident. If you are unable to clear problems right away, make sure that there are signs warning other people. For example place a “wet floor” sign on the area where a leaky ceiling is located.

  • Proper Maintenance

Doctors have a saying that prevention is better than cure. The same is true when it comes to workplace and home safety. Maintain floors and other walking surfaces to prevent slip and fall. Ceilings, walls and wiring should be inspected regularly. Making sure that your structure has integrity is important when it comes to the safety of family, clients and employees.

  • Proper Safety Equipment

When performing maintenance, make sure that staff wears proper safety equipment like gloves, goggles harnesses and hard hat.  This is especially true when working in a slippery environment like cleaning up a spill. Shoes should be slip resistant and should cover the ankles. Slip and fall can happen anytime even while doing maintenance work around the house and workplace.

  • Proper Training

Train staff and family members on the importance of home and workplace safety. Make sure that they know what slip and fall injuries cost and the inconvenience this kind of accident can cause. If know what to do in order to prevent accidents and the possible consequences of a slip and fall, they will be more vigilant of their surroundings and careful in their actions.

Victims of slip and fall accidents will sometimes experience life-altering consequences. This kind of accident is not limited at home and at work. It can happen in the playground, classroom, malls or restaurants. Slip and fall accidents cost the US government up to $10 billion per year in hospitalization and emergency room fees.

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